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Netflix and Valentines

If you’re like me, the thought of going out on Valentine’s Day just doesn’t thrill you at all. Overpriced steak, mylar heart balloons everywhere, cheap champagne toasts, and a $100 babysitter bill just doesn’t scream “romance.”

For us, it’s Netflix and Valentines. Grab a bottle of wine, some fancy dessert (hide it from the kid’s eyes during the day), and the remote. Boom. Valentine’s Day is done. I’ve even put together a few suggestions to make your Netflix and Valentine the best ever.
Netflix and Valentines

Impress Her With Your Classic Film Knowledge: “Roman Holiday”


Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Want to impress her even more with a little trivia? Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for her performance and it was the first American-made film to be shot completely in Italy. Look at all those brownie points.

Get on Her Good Side: “Pride and Prejudice”


Mr. Darcy. Oh, Mr. Darcy. Be prepared for much swooning and some tears while you sit your way through this one, guys. But we can’t help it. Make it through the movie without comment, and you’ll be rewarded.

One He Won’t Hate: “Silver Linings Playbook”


It’s romantic without being romantic, has some funny moments, and Jennifer Lawrence. You get the bonus of Bradley Cooper and a on-screen chemistry between Lawrence and Cooper that’s very believable. 

Watch With the Girls: “Grease”.


You know your girl gang has assigned parts to “Grease.” I’m the Rizzo of my group. Which I love because I always thought Kenickie was way hotter than Danny. I’d take a hickey from Kenickie any day of the week. 

Netflix and Wish I Never Met Him: “Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2”.


Nothing like a story of sweet, sweet revenge and vengeance, coupled with Tarantino-level violence, to make you forget what stupid holiday everyone else is celebrating. 

So there you go, five suggestions to Netflix and Valentines. Which movie would you add to the list?