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Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern

I wanted to name this “Lamb! Bam! Thank You Ma’am” but figured you might not search for a free knitting pattern by that name, so good ol’ google will much prefer I name this a Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern. Boring, yes, but probably a smidge more helpful.

First things first, how adorable is our model JackJack? Behind that coy smile, he’s up to no good. As is his job as a toddler. 😉 It’s been a cold and blustery winter, so why not celebrate spring with a cute lamb or sheep hat, while staying warm in the process! This quick knit can be made in an evening using bulky yarn. Our free pattern gives you two ways to knit this! Either knit in the round or knit flat and seamed. No matter your skill level, we have you covered. 

So lets get to it!

Click here to download the pattern


Quick and Easy Knit Sheep Hat