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Raising Teens: How to Remain the Parent but Give Them Space

Raising teens is no joke! This is the fun age where they are no longer a young child, ready to follow you around the home, but not quite an adult, ready to leave the nest. The trying times of raising teens can make parents want to tear their hair out some days. Between the hormonal outbursts to the independent desires of teens, there seems to be quite the confusion among parents on how to remain confident in your parenting skills while still giving your teen some space to grow. If you are struggling with raising teens and want to know how you can remain the parent while still giving your teen some space, then read on for some tips on how you can do this successfully.

Let Go of Control

The first step to raising teens while remaining the parent is to learn to let go of control. During this stage of parenthood, it’s important to let out the reigns a little bit and allow your teen to make more decisions. Be there as the shoulder to cry on, arms to hug, or ear to listen when their decision doesn’t go as planned. Learn to be less critical and more open minded when it comes to saying yes to certain events or activities your teen is interested in.

Give More Space

This does not mean what you think it means. When your teen is asking for space they are not asking for you to leave them alone and not be there. What your teen wants for space is the ability to start making decisions on their own, to be free to make mistakes and learn from them, as well as try new things. Learn that space when it comes to raising teens doesn’t mean no longer being the parent; it simply means learning to let go a little and trust your child more.

Encourage Independence

At this stage in parenthood, your child is trying to figure out their own identity apart from the family unit. For years your child has been one of a unit, they are not pushing to be their own self. During the teen years, they have no idea who they are but need that space to try new things and to be free to be more independent. Encourage independence and assure your teen that are you here. But remain clear what your expectations are with outside of home behavior and any consequences that may occur if they don’t follow rules.

You can easily use these tips to remain the parent while giving your teen some space. There’s nothing wrong with learning to let go a little bit. After all, they will soon leave the nest and your job is to make sure they are prepared for the real world. When you learn to let go of control, give more physical space, and encourage their independence, you are making the best parental decision you can for your teen.