Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?! I’m pretty sure just about everyone has played the addictive game, or at least heard of it. My kids are a bit obsessed. We have the game on our iphones, ipods, ipads, droids and laptops. We have Angry Birds shirts, stuffed animals and card games. Last week, I took our obsession one step further and made an Angry Birds Hat.

angry birds hand knit hat

angry birds hand knit hat
(yes, it’s on our Build-a-Bear puppy in this picture. Chewy was too angry to wear it for a close up.)

The pattern is easy. I just took a basic hat pattern, added icord for the top feathers and cut the face out of felt to sew on. Up next, Carter wants me to make him a yellow Angry Bird hat, but somehow keep it a triangle. I’m also contemplating making a pig hat, complete with a cracked helmet and perhaps a ‘stache. 😉



Edited to add the pattern! I’ve gotten quite a few hits on this post and thought I’d share the super simple/basic pattern I used to make it. I sort of “winged it” (groan… bad pun) but hopefully it works for you!

Size made – 2T (you can increase the size by adding 8 stitches at a time)

Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Sport in Serrano (1 skein) and some leftover KnitPicks Shine Sport in White.

Needles: 16″ circular US size 7 and a set of US size 7 DPNs

Notions: White, black & gold felt, Black thread, sharpie, stitch marker, tape measure, yarn needle.

Gauge: roughly 5 stitches and 5 rows= 1 inch


With the white yarn and your circular needle, cast on 88 stitches and join in the round. Place marker at the beginning of the round. Knit  for 1-1.5 inches.

Join the red yarn and knit for 6.5-7 inches

decrease rounds (switching to DPNs when knitting gets too tight on the circular needles, approx decrease round 4-5):

R1: *K6, k2Tog* repeat to end

R2: knit all

R3: *K5, K2Tog* repeat to end

R4: knit all

R5: *K4, K2Tog* repeat to end

R6: *K3, K2Tog* repeat to end

R7: knit all

R8: *K2, K2Tog* repeat to end

R9: *K1, K2Tog* repeat to end

R10: knit all

R11: K2Tog all

R12: K2Tog all leaving the last 3 stitches on the need and K3Tog.

You should now have 5 stitches on your needle. Knit in icord for 2 inches and bind off pulling the thread through all stitches at the end. This makes the first top feather.

Pick up 4 stitches behind your first “feather and knit in icord for 1.75-2 inches and bind off pulling the thread through all stitches. This is your 2nd feather.

Weave in all the loose threads.

Now take your white felt and trace around a quarter for the eyes. Take the black felt and make 2 rectangles for the eye brows slightly bigger than the quarter-sized eyes. Take the yellow/gold felt and cut 2 smal triangles. Sew all pieces to your hat using the above picture as your guide. Take the black sharpie to color in the eyes. There you have it! A handmade Angry Birds hat. 🙂  Enjoy!



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