My baby is all grown up. Well, as grown up as you can be at 3 years old. I put him to bed a toddler and he woke up a preschooler. 🙁

Breathe. Deep breaths.

I can do this.

It’s been 45 minutes since I took him to school. I’m in public (i.e. at Starbucks) and not currently crying.

I saved all that mess for the drive over here.

Is it harder because he’s my baby? The last one?  Maybe it’s because I’m worried with his Autism and non-ability to talk that he’ll be cast aside, picked on even.

I think it’s all of that.

Also, he’s my baby (did I mention that already?).

Is it too late to say never-mind, take him out of his classroom and whisk him home to snuggle with me and watch Dinosaur Train, Mickey and Bubble Guppies all day?

Breathe. I can do this.

But just look how cute he is?! He looks too little to be in school!


Look at his face… He’s not too sure about these other kids.

Breathe Mama. I can do this.

Only 2 hours left until I can pick him up. Two very long hours.

Do they serve liquor at Starbucks?!



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