Sorry in advance for the expletives, I’m in pain and worried I’m becoming a Yeti!

So I’m in the shower earlier (sorry for the visual if you are eating right now. Not pretty!) and I’m washing my hair with Nioxin. Yes, it’s for hair growth. After 3 kids and a million pounds of stress, I’m going bald. A 31 yr old balding woman, another great visual.

Anywho… I’m washing my hair and I get Nioxin in my eye! OUCH! Well all I can think is “Shit, now I’m going to get hairy eyeballs!” Just great. Now I’m a 31 yr old bald woman with hairy eyeballs!

When talking to Knitschmidt online she asked “How does the Nioxin know to grow hair on just your head. Just Sayin'”

Double Shit. Now not only am I a 31 yr old bald woman with hairy eyeballs, I am worried that while rinsing the Nioxin out that I’m getting a hairy back and chest. I mean, what is hotter than that?! At the same time my oldest will be growing hair on his chest due to puberty, I will growing hair on mine due to runaway chemicals that are supposed to know to stay on my scalp!

I need a drink.

And a wig.




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