Wait, what?! Yeah, you read that right. So totally not related to anything, but I was at a great event last night with the Mile High Mamas crew. When the girls get together, who knows what we will start talking about. Impotent Monkeys apparently.

Started out innocently enough. The birthday gal Rajean was talking to me about wine. I love me some wine. I was telling her about how my new love is for “unoaked chards” and how I didn’t even know what that meant, but they taste devine! Then it reminded me of a wine that I love that’s local to Colorado.

Impotent Monkey

“What?! It’s not really called that!” 

Well, I thought that was the name. So… here’s how I came to find out that wasn’t the name. Or how I remember it. I’m old and forgetful, so this might not be accurate, but whatever, my blog, my story.

I went into the local liquor store and said, “I like this Colorado wine, Impotent Monkey. It has a funky glass cork and is super pricey. Ring it up!”

“Impotent Monkey?” asked with a snicker.

“Yup! It’s super fab and fancy and for fancy people like myself.”

“Impotent Monkey? Like, the monkey has issues, you know? With that?!” more snickers and chuckles from the supposed wine connoisseur.

“Yes, I didn’t name it, all I know is it tastes good and is fancy.”

“Ma’am, you do know it’s Infinite Monkey right?! Infinite? Not Impotent?” 

I stopped listening after he said “Ma’am”. rude.



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