Random Dreams of NKOTB

This isn’t the first time I have dreamed of NKOTB (New Kids on the Block to those who have lived under a rock the past 20+ years or so). When I was 12 I would think that Jordan would look at me in the audience and say “I’m gonna marry that girl” and wisk me off. Hey, I was 12! We all wished Kirk Cameron, NKOTB and Doogie Howser would marry us!

So my dream last night, I was at their NKOTBSB concert, but at dinner beforehand with the group. There sat next to, and across from, me Donnie, Danny, Jon, Jordan and Joey. I was telling each of them why (or why not) I had a crush on them as a tween. Here goes the list…

Donnie – Mostly crushed on him ’cause he was the “Bad Boy”. Then when his little brother (Marky Mark) came on the scene, sorry Donnie, I was all about Marky Mark’s Good Vibrations!

Danny – My mom was the one who always loved Danny best. I couldn’t crush on a guy my mom liked. Like gag me with a spoon! I hope he doesn’t mind that I didn’t crush on his ’cause of this. Somehow I think he’ll survive.

Jon – Oh how we all loved the cute quiet one of the group. As Jordan’s older brother, he was the “mature” one. Turns out I think he also had a crush on Marky Mark. Bummer.

Jordan – By far my longest crush of all the boys of NKOTB. He had a solo career after the group disbanded (can a one-hit wonder be considered a solo career? Hells yeah it can, that song I played over and over and over for weeks on end!). I was crushed when I realized he was never going to pluck me from the crowd and ride off into the sunset.

Joey – The Young One. EVERY ONE of my friends loved Joey. For this simple fact, I couldn’t do it. I regretted not crushing on him when he was on Dancing with the Stars a few years ago, my oh my I can crush on him now. That BAHSHTON accent, those curls, those high notes… He can’t quite hit them like he did as a lad, but he still has the stand out voice of the group.

So there you go. My random dream and real thoughts as to why I crushed on NKOTB. By the way, I had the complete set of NKOTB trading cards as a kid. I was very proud of this fact and spent MANY, MANY allowances on them. Kinda bummed I don’t still have those. And my fluorescent painters cap. I was stylin with full on NKOTB gear as a tween. Don’t hate.

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  1. says

    Oh this brought back so many memories… I had NKOTB sheets and a bedspread. Yes, that’s right – I got to cuddle with Jordan EVERY NIGHT of my 11 year old life. I had the socks & t-shirts too. My room was soooo cool – I also had a life-sized Luke Perry poster.

    :) Thanks for the laugh!

    • Emily says

      I bow down to the socks! I thought my painters cap what the bomb diggity, but SOCKS?! The New kids were LITERALLY kissing your feet!

  2. says

    Oh, NKOTB. They were my very first concert… age 8. I loved Jordan, too. Everybody else thought Joey was The Cute One, but I knew there was a special side of Jordan that only I could see.


    • Emily says

      Your FIRST NKOTB concert was only 2 yrs ago?! You have a lot of catching up to do! Did they sing “Popsicle”? C’mon, please tell me they did!

  3. says

    I still have every piece of NKOTB memorabilia I have ever owned. I am totally thinking about going to their concert in Minneapolis this summer. And I had the most wacked out dream about them last week…

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