What I’m doing to avoid cleaning…

I don’t want to clean. I loathe it. Hell, I even hired people to come clean FOR me twice a month. But here I sit, in a dirty office with a cluttered kitchen and a mountain of laundry to do. I need to get dinner ready and take kids to karate and help with homework, but here I sit. Here are the things I’m doing to avoid these housewifely duties…

1. Knit something. I mean, your kids can never have too many hats or little knit toys right?! It’s snowing for goodness sake! They NEED a new hat.

2. Oh, maybe I need to check the blog/facebook/twitter just one more time before I start…

3. What’s that Cartman? You want to read a book? Here, I’ll help! *Aren’t I a good mommy?!*

4. I suppose I need to return a few phone calls. I think my mom called me earlier when I wasn’t home. She’s good for 15-30 min of distraction.

5. *sniff sniff* Well, I’ll be… I think the baby needs changed again.

6. Anyone want to take a bath??? I’ve got bubbles!!!

7. bloop bloop Saved by the email! I’m sure Crate & Barrel would be upset if I didn’t read and click every link in their newsletter.

8. Did someone say Twitter Party?!?! #awesome

9. Maybe I’ll go check to see if the mail is here again. *15 min later* hmmmm, better go see if it’s here now!

10. Well, In Style isn’t going to read itself!


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