What Really Goes Down at a Bloggy Conference

You see all the posts lately about Blissdom and how AWESOME it was. I posted one too. Loved it! Well, there is something they don’t tell you about conferences. Something I’ve learned the hard way from BlogHer, TypeAParent and Blissdom. Doesn’t have to be a conference for bloggers or Social Media, this is true for many conferences that a mom may attend. I’m about to share my wisdom with you, so get your tweetdeck ready to RT and a paper & pen if you are old school.

Missing your kids/family. We all do it, but I figured out the formula (or algorithm if you will, for you geeky types). Day 1 you miss your baby/youngest kid. Day 2 you miss your other kids, Day 3 you start to miss your hubby and Day 4 you are too exhausted to miss anyone.

The Conference Plague. We’ve all gotten at some point. Being cooped up in a hotel for 4 days, shaking hands and hugging 400+ people, sharing hotel rooms with friends and strangers, you are bound to get sick. I’ve found a fail proof plan to avoid it. Alcohol. Yup, for me that means wine. The first conference I went to, I had none, okay, maybe 1 glass. I got sick as a dog when I got home. 2nd conference I had a couple (read: a lot) of wine. Hey, I’m allowed, it was “networking”. 😉 I came home with conference voice (see below) but no sickies. Sweet Mother I found the conference plague elixer! By this last conference I tried to not have “too much” wine for my “networking” (read: dancing with my girls!) and sure enough, the tweets roll in that everyone is sick, but those of us who had some wine, not the hard stuff, totally okay. I think it’s the antioxidents that are helping. Maybe a wine company should sponsor me on my next trip to TypeAParent.

Conference Voice. I know you all have been here too. When you talk as much as I do on a day-to-day basis, you would think I would have built up an immunity to this by now. Nope. Conference Voice is what you get when you SQUEEEEEE too much. Sing along to Chris Mann and Crystal Bowersox at the top of your lungs and stay up until 2 am chatting with your roomies! My kids love it when I come home with Conference Voice. They know they can run around yelling and I can yell back. Ew, Brats.

SWAG. In case you don’t know, SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get”. Can be anything from a pen with a logo to a super cute sparkly Purex coffee mug to a really nice Lands End Blissdom bag. My kids are bigger SWAG hags than I am. They love it! They come running up to me at the airport, not wanting a hug since I’ve been gone for a week, but wanting to know what I brought them. This trip Jockey and Blue Bunny stole the show with theirs!

And last but not least, prepare yourself for the post-conference depression. I think there needs to be a 12 step program when leaving a conference. You will need to learn how to do the following upon returning from a conference:

  • You don’t have to smile and hug everyone you see, and subsequently check twitter on your phone to make sure you really follow them. (That one’s for you @BusyDadBlog
  • Cut back on the amount of SQUEEEEEE
  • Your hubby won’t want to stay up until 2am talking about him or the kids or how cool you were in high school
  • #hashtags You will need to learn how to not add the conference hashtag to all your tweets. It’s okay to scale back, but soon #Blissdom won’t care that I need a cup of coffee in the morning or that my kids are annoying me.
  • I hope this post helps you prepare for your next conference, whether it’s a Bloggy/Social Media one or a Tractor Convention full of smarmy guys. I’ll be headed to #DisneySMMoms, #Evo11 and #TypeAParent/#TypeACon later this year, so if you see me, please SQUEEEEE me. 😉

    Patio Parties Rock BTW. 😉


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    1. says

      LOL 😉

      maybe that’s what it was.. I had a couple of beers throughout the conference, that’s why I’m not sick 😉

      Loved this. and you — a true joy!

    2. says

      Ahhhh. But I have the wine. And the plague still visited. Methinks the plan is a myth – but methinks wrong sometimes and my mind is hazy from Blissdom plague – so pretend none of these words exist – because they probably don’t – and this is a plague induced dream of a comment.

      Next time – a haz-mat suit.

      Awesome post. Thank you.

    3. says

      I was totally building my immune system and I didn’t even know it. Glad we met on Twitter in person or else I’d never know that. See? You can learn useful things at conferences!

    4. says

      Oh I don’t know if I want to giggle, LOL or choke on my Hershey’s Bliss over this but, yes. YES TO IT ALL! I loved meeting you, hanging with you, getting conference voice, and “networking” with you! We will do it again at TypeACon!

    5. says

      oh you nailed it all girl! It was so nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you at Type-A… where we can have some wine and chill on the patio together! I just adore you… so fun and real! Thankful that our paths crossed! Now, we need a 12 step before and after! So much goes into your preparation and your after… I’m just trying to figure out what those steps really are and if they are the same for everyone! Talk soon!


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