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Cookie Oatmeal

Fall seems to be officially here in Colorado. It’s gray and chilly this morning. Perfect kind of morning for a warm, comfort breakfast. But my normal waffles from scratch seem like too much work. Plain oatmeal is boring, but my whole family goes nuts for it if I “cookie” it. More of a “guideline” than a true recipe, but once you try it you’ll never go back to those little instant packets!

Recipe: Cookie Oatmeal


  • Regular Old Fashioned Oats (not quick)
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Allspice or Cloves
  • Sugar
  • Frozen Blueberries, Craisins or Raisins
  • Crystalized Ginger chips


There are no measurements listed, because this is all up to you! Prepare the oatmeal according to the directions on the package. Start the water boiling and measure out the oats. Add the seasonings to the dry oats, using your own judgment and taste as a guide. First, a LOT of cinnamon. Add a little ground ginger and nutmeg, not too much or they’ll overpower. Then toss in just a dash of allspice or cloves. A little bit goes a long way. Add a bit of sugar; a teaspoon or two for single serving, a couple of tablespoons for the whole family. Finally throw in a handful of whatever kind of fruit you have on hand. I either use frozen blueberries, craisins or raisins. Feeling daring? Use them all! Dump it all in boiling water and stir together and cook according to package directions.

When it’s all done, sprinkle some crystallized ginger on top, throw on a splash of milk, and warm up the troops!

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