Ribs. One of my kids and I’s favorite forms of barbecue. I recently got the chance to come up with my own recipe for pork spareribs and I couldn’t wait to get started. It’s super easy, just a few ingredients. Trust me, if I can do this on my own, you can too. My husband normally is the Grill King in our house and I didn’t let him help, and am gunning for his crown. 😉

Dibs on My Ribs Recipe


I laid out all my supplies. Wood chips to smoke in the grill, the spareribs, the sauce, the rub, oh my! I was gettin my Emeril on in the kitchen. (Wait, does he barbecue?)

First, I went out and put the grill on medium. I had the 2 burners on the side so the center where I would place the ribs had mostly indirect heat. I read online to make sure the grill was about 350 degrees. Then I took those goregous spareribs and cut them in half. My rack was too small (sooo many jokes, but I’m keeping it professional here people…). After washing them and patting dry with paper towels, I coated them throughly with McCormicks Grill Mates, Sweet & Smokey Rub. It has cinnamon and chipotle flavorings and smelled soooo good!

Next I took Kraft Honey Barbecue sauce and brushed on a healthy serving of that and placed the ribs in the standing rack. Weber makes these awesome wood chip containers that you can soak so they smoke inside the grill and give off a wonderful scent and taste to the meat. I soaked the hickory wood chips container and put it in the grill as well.

After about an hour the deck and back yard smelled so good I swear the neighbors were peeking over to see what we were cooking. At an hour and a half I checked the temperature of the spareribs and they were perfect. About 165-170 degrees. Look at them. You totally want to lick the screen right?

These ribs were so easy to make and so tasty! The family ate them up and there were zero leftovers and a lot of full and happy campers.

Dibs on my Ribs


Now I want to share with you how you can create your own recipe for spareribs, enter it in the “Dibs on my Ribs” pork recipe cookoff (hosted at http://bit.ly/RibsContest) and possibly win a years worth of groceries! If you don’t want to enter a recipe, you can vote for one of your favorites there too!

Dibs On My Ribs Pork Cookoff Contest


 disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Incentives were provided to me to complete my recipe. All opinions and the recipe stated are my own.



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