The Yo-Yo, Slinky, Rubik’s Cube. Toys so simple, yet are fun for hours. They are classics, staples in nearly every home with children. Well now, this holiday season there is a new “classic” toy. FyrFlyz. This simple toy is basically lights on string, basic concept, but when you pick one up, you can’t put it down.

Fyrflyz have been a hit across the country in Phoenix and the Northeast and also received the Platinum Oppenheim Portfolio Toy Award in September. The exciting news is that Fyrflyz are now available at Walgreens stores in Denver, Colorado! Perfect for stocking stuffers, rewards for good grades or just because you wanted to share something fun with your child. Priced at $7.99 these are sure to “fly” off the shelves quickly!

There is a great review and video over at on this hot new toy. Here is another review done by Marie of Broomfield Macaroni Kid (and she’s our events gal here too!). Family Fun Delaware had a great review and her kids even made a fun video! Go Mom! has a wonderful video up as well. If you google “Fyrflyz Review Blog” tons of blogs from both moms and dads show up from the past couple of months. The consensus is this: It’s just good clean fun.

On you can see videos of some cool tricks and even look at this Trick Gallery. Check out their promo video below as well.

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disclosure: I’ve been given multiple FyrFlyz by a few different companies. I was not asked to blog about them, but we love them so much I had to share. 🙂



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