I think my 13 year old loves going to the press prescreenings of movies more than I do. 😉 It’s become our “thing.” It’s so hard to find something to do with a 13 yr old boy that a) doesn’t embarrass him or b) is cool enough to make him take out his ipod headphones.

I took him to see Men in Black 3. I loved the originals and he’s seen them as well. Who doesn’t love a good “shoot up the aliens” movie?! Thomas was in heaven and loved every second of it. His favorite part was when Will Smith talks in a funny voice and says, “I put on my pants.” He must have laughed for 30 minutes after the movie about that scene!

Now, while he loved it and is 13, I think this one of the times where I would be leery to allow my 7 year old to see it. Yes, I know, it says PG 13, so it’s intended for kids 13 and older, but come on, we’ve all done it. Allowed our 5, 6 or 7 year olds to see Spiderman or Transformers, or similar.

There are a few reasons as to why I wouldn’t let a kid under 10 or 11 see this.

  • The Language. There is a lot of the word sh**. A lot. There are a few other words, damn, bastard, hell, etc that aren’t as bad and definitely no F bombs, but I thought the use of bullsh** and just plain ol’ sh** was a bit much.
  • Opening scene is a bit intense. There is killing, natch, but it’s the character, “Boris the Animal” that is a bit scary and intense and takes a while to get used to.
  • Also in the opening scene, Nicole Scherzinger and Boris the Animal kiss, but it’s not a normal kiss. There is a lot of tongue action going on and it’s not cute.

If you are okay with all of that, the rest of the movie/story is pretty good. Josh Brolin does a hilarious dead-on impression of Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K. I also love the way they really dove into the character’s stories and tied everything together. I love Agent K’s storyline the best. Finding out why he is so reserved and closed off and how that correlates to his work in with the Men in Black. (I may have even teared up at one point, but shhhhh don’t tell my son that. I’ll lose my cool points!).

So my final verdict? Great movie for those who love the first two Men in Black movies and for kids over 10. If they are younger, I’d wait until it comes out on DVD and you can skip past some parts that may be too intense.


disclaimer: I was invited to pre-screening as press. All thoughts/opinions are mine and honest.




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