Is ParaNorman okay for my kids?

ParaNorman is the latest movie from Focus Features, the ones behind the cult hit Coraline. It hit theaters last week and is sure to be a hit!

Can you speak with the dead? Do you have more ghostly friends than the warm blooded kind? You have a LOT in common with Norman Babcock. Norman has a gift, and is ostracized because of it.

ParaNorman is a new stop animation film by LAIKA and Focus Films. Stop animation is an incredibly time consuming method of creation, often yielding only 6 seconds of film per week of work.

Now onto the question, is this a good movie for my kids? ParaNorman is a cute story, meant for children that are not scared easily and of a certain age. Those under the age of 7 may be frightened by some of the animation and would probably not comprehend most of the jokes in the movie. Overall, it was a funny movie with a good moral about forgiving others and letting things go.

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