We get a ton of toys to review, play with, upload and download. Toys with buttons, gadgets, wifi and 3G. Toys that play music and flash lights and spin around on the floor. My boys are, what I would consider, professional toy testers.

Given all the toys they have seen, I was impressed beyond belief with one toy that I only just recently (as in last week) had ever heard of. Larsen Toy Lab has a set of classic wood blocks, they engrave the child’s name on one and include a story. Simple. Lo tech, actually NO tech, and it kept my kids busy for HOURS! MY kids. The ones who have ipods permanently attached to their hands. The same kids who thought I was the meanest mom in the whole entire world for banning them from the playstation for an entire weekend. Yeah, those kids.

I opened the box and there, on these beautiful wood blocks? Was my name! Well, not my name, but Colorado Moms! Even better in my opinion! Both Carter and Brady were trying to see. “What did the UPS guy bring this time mom?!” I showed them the blocks, “Oh, blocks.”

Larsen Toy Lab Building Bridges Wooden Blocks

I was worried they would try to find the “on” button on them. Pleasantly surprised, they took the blocks and book over to the family room and started building. Towers, cities, industrial buildings that made skylanders. They made fans and cars and stacked them up to knock them over.

They were engrossed is this “new” no-tech toy.

[quote]From Alex & Courtney:

We were sick of seeing the same cheap imported toys on the shelf and online – so with our combined experience (Product Design, Engineering, and Marketing) and shared passion for creating better toys (more educational, creative and made responsibly) – we decided to do something about it and got to work!

We’ve been busy the last few months (tons of research, talking to teachers and parents, product development, and finding like-minded partners to work with) and are finally ready to launch our new toys that are different from you would find at most toy stores. Our games, puzzles, and book series are all centered around the idea that blocks need to get back in the hands of kids – and they need to be made COMPLETELY of natural materials that are sourced locally with as little impact to the environment as possible.

The easiest way for you to learn more about us is through our new video!

Our toys minimize environmental impact, are hand-crafted and 100% made in America!  We really feel like these toys will be helpful to parents looking for ways to spend quality, educational time with their kids, and will reintroduce kids to a fun, creative outlet for their imaginations.


Here is where I get all Beggy McBeggersons. In order for Kickstarter to fund their product line, they need to raise $15,200 in the next 2 weeks. I KNOW! I went on to read about the company. LarsenToyLab.com is being funded through a program called Kickstarter. Kickstarter helps fund creative projects by allowing people to pledge money in exchange for rewards. Larsen Toy Lab has a range of rewards from thank you notes, engraved blocks, all the way up to big packages with multiple toys from their line.

Some key points to consider…

  • All of the toys are available for Christmas delivery
  • If they do not meet their funding goal than none of the toys are shipped and nobody is charged
  • We are very confident they will make our goal (a little help from people like you doesn’t hurt though!)

So here is where I say, Please, check out LarsenToyLab.com and read about their products, their story and “invest” in them! It truly is a great product. Anything that doesn’t required batteries or wifi and still keeps my kids entertained?! Genius. I cannot wait to show Brady’s therapist the blocks as I’m sure we can come up with a thousand different ways to use them in his therapies!


disclosure: I was sent a free set in return for my honest review of their product. I was so impressed, I went and pledged towards them to help get them closer to that magic number. Please pledge too!



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