I took my oldest to a pre-screening of Disney Pixar’s newest movie, Brave. He’s 13 and I was nervous that he would think he was “too cool” to see it, but he loved it! My 7 year-old thinks movie theaters are too loud and my youngest is autistic and can’t sit still for the length of a movie so they are waiting until the it is out on DVD to see it. They were afraid of missing out on all the fun of the movie, but LeapFrog to the rescue!

We have been long-time loyal LeapFrog fans here. We still have our original leapster and all the games! When I saw we had the opportunity to review a new game and book, I jumped on the chance.

Carter (the 7 year-old) instantly grabbed our LeapPad and the Disney Pixar Brave Explorer game cartridge and started playing. He was excited to see what the movie was about and had his older brother explain some of the things he found confusing. In the game, you follow Merida on her quest to become, Brave. If you think this game is just for girls you will be pleasantly surprised to know that my boys love it! Carter’s favorite part is the archery game.

Since it it summer and I try to limit the boys “screen time” I was happy to see how much Carter liked the Brave Tag book and reader as well. He can still play games and listen to a story, but it is sneaking in learning and he has to interact a bit more with the book. Sometimes he will read the book aloud to Brady and other times he takes the cauldron game and plays and reads the book on his own. Either way, he’s engrossed in the story.

After seeing the movie, and now playing the games with my kids, I can tell you that Brave will quickly become a Disney “classic”. Finally a movie that is equal parts fun for boys and empowerment for girls.

brave tag reader

disclosure: This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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