I was so lucky to be able to test drive the Chrysler Town & Country minivan for an entire week. We made that minivan work LIKE A BOSS! 🙂 Taking in on shopping trips, family outings and even to the Mountains. Here I will share with you all the nitty gritty details, what I like, what I didn’t and everything in between.

First off, what I liked. There was a lot to love with this vehicle. I’ll break it down in a list.

  • Stow-n-Go areas. Genius. I was able to hide birthday presents right under the birthday boy himself, and he had no clue they were there. Also used it at a wine cellar, ’cause why not?!
  • Lots of room. With three boys, we need a lot of room, especially when taking a family trip to the mountains where we will be in the car for roughly 6-8 hours. Loved the bucket seats in the middle for the carseat with Brady and Carter could have his own area. Thomas claimed the entire back row and it works out perfectly!
  • DVD player. Another “must have” on my list for a vehicle. It’s the only time Brady will actually watch TV and he requests, loudly, that Buzz and Woody and/or Cars be playing 24/7. He will settle for Curious George, but will point and say “uh-oh” if the screen isn’t playing one of those 3.
  • Navigation. Even with our crazy routing to Malaysia experience, loved this feature. When parked, I could type in about any address and the car would display the turns and directions both on the nav screen and in speedometer area. If typed in, I was routed perfectly every time.
  • Remote Start and ability to open the side doors and trunk on the key. This helped tremendously as we packed, unpacked and repacked and re-unpacked the van for our trek to the mountains. Being able to just push a button instead of set things down and open the doors was super helpful.

Some things I wasn’t a fan of?

  • Voice recognition on the navigation. Yeah, that didn’t end up working out so hot. Although it was loud in the car and I was laughing so hard by the end of it, I’m sure a human couldn’t understand me, I’ve used other voice navigation systems with a lot less trouble.
  • Well, it’s a minivan. Let’s be honest, how many husbands out there enjoy driving a minivan? While this minivan was souped up with tons of features we both loved, at the end of the day, my DH is more of an SUV guy.
  • It was a little tricky in the mountains. On steep grades the anti-lock breaks try to kick in, probably thinking we are careening down a mountain, which I guess on I-70, you kinda are. Mostly unnoticeable, but the driver can feel the ride become slightly bumpy when going down during steep grades while using the brakes. The positive to this? You don’t ride the brakes the whole way down, irritating your husband and the cars behind you.

My favorite feature of all? This is one slick looking ride! We had the Cashmere Pearl color on the one we drove and it looked so fancy! The tan interior scared me at first with three boys, but thankfully turned out to be perfect!

The verdict? Great minivan for an amazing price! At under $30,000 for a base model, this is a good choice to combine a little luxury with functionality. I got the loaner minivan from Pro Chrysler Jeep in Denver. The sales team was amazing. The entire process was smooth and it didn’t feel like one of those smarmy type of dealerships. It was clean and professional and everyone was super helpful explaining all of the features the van has to offer. If we end up buying a Chrysler or Jeep? I’m headed right over there.

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