Positive reinforcement is something I need to work on with my kids. I seem to always be telling them what NOT to do and not always rewarding them when they do things right. Enter Marble Jar, a kids reward app available in the Apple App Store. I recently downloaded this and set up a few jars. The concept is easy. Make a jar to highlight an area you would like either the kids, or yourself, to work on. Set the tasks and how many marbles needed to earn a reward. Easy Peasy. Once the jar is full, it turns to gold so you know the task is complete.

The three jars I set up were for each of my  three boys. Brady needs to work on going to school without crying. Carter needs to get a bit better with his bedtime routine and Thomas could really use some help making sure his homework is done with the least push back possible.

Marble Jar


Now lets take a look at Thomas’ jar…

Marble Jar

Marble Jar

As you can see, he’s well on his way to earning a movie on Friday. He’s generally pretty good about doing his homework but occasionally complains or has a late assignment. He can put a marble in the jar every time he comes home, does his work and knows his memory for the day.

This app is such a great idea. I think I am going to make another jar for me, so I can work on staying on task for my work and maybe try to harp at the kids a bit less. I’m afraid of making a swear jar because that sucker would be full after one night. Maybe I should make a “I only said 5 swear words today” jar. 😉 My husband could use a jar for “Not yelling at the wife about how much she shops”.

Some other types of jars you could make are:

  • Jars that help you notice what’s working well in your family.
  • Jars that help you build cooperation and teamwork in your family.
  • Jars that help your child develop strong, useful habits.
  • Jars that help your child manage the daily tasks in his or her life.
  • Jars that help kids earn privileges by demonstrating consistent responsibility.
I’ll have another post in the next couple of weeks to show you our progress. Feel free to download the appyourself and make some jars. If you do, let me know how it’s working for your family. Check out Marble Jar on Twitter, Facebook and their website – http://marblejar.winwinapps.com
disclosure: This post is part of a multi-series sponsored campaign by Marble Jar. Thoughts and opinions are mine and honest. I really am making a swear jar on the app too. Expect me to #&%$ing fail that one. 😉


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