We love Disney. That shouldn’t be a surprise to any who know me. 🙂 Especially love the Pixar/Disney Movies like Toy Story, Nemo, Cars and now Brave! Since Brady uses an iPad in his therapies, I’m always on a hunt to find apps, games and books that not only are fun and Disney-fied, but also help him learn new skills.

With the re-release of Finding Nemo in 3D and BluRay, we found a great Nemo app that we love! Numbers with Nemo!

Working with sequencing, counting, and even tracing straight lines and curves, Brady tends to be drawn to numbers over letters every time. With previous apps he could match numbers all the way through 50! That’s when we knew he was going to be our math geek. 😉

numbers with nemo app


Although he resisted tracing any number besides “1” which is the easiest, he eventually wanted to go back to the games and music, so he started trying to trace the others. I find he has much better success with a stylus than just his finger (working on that quad grasp!), although the app is great with just using your finger and doesn’t require the kids to be perfect inside the lines.

The only part of the game that Brady wasn’t a fan of, was you had to trace the numbers and say them in the first game before the other games would unlock. He loved recording himself saying the numbers though!

Number with Nemo iPad app

The app is $3.99 and may seem pricey as far as apps go, but this one is well worth the money. I think I will be gifting it to our ABA therapist because I am already thinking of all the different ways she can use this with other autistic kids!

Developed with leading educational experts, Numbers with Nemo is the newest Disney Learning interactive app that helps kids practice essential early math skills while immersing them in the story. Nemo and his underwater pals guide children through fun-filled activities that reinforce skills such as counting, tracing numbers, sequencing and more.

Numbers with Nemo features include:

  • Practice tracing and counting numbers 1-10
  • Professional narration, music and animations
  • Record all the numbers in your own voice
  • Play fun, character-driven activities that reinforce early math skills, such as counting and matching objects, number identification and sequencing
  • Create your own Nemo scenes with interactive stickers
  • Guided skill instruction for up to four players
  • Comprehensive parents’ section with content leveling and progress monitoring
  • Offline activities for parents and caregivers

Numbers with Nemo is available today in the Education Category of Apple’s App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Please use the following link for quick access to the app: http://bit.ly/UmXPSC

disclosure: I was given a free download of Numbers with Nemo in return for my honest opinions. Plus, Disney and Nemo rock-me-socks so of course I wanted to share this cool app with you! 



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