The Avengers is coming out on DVD next Tuesday and many people have asked me if I think it’s appropriate for kids. My quick answer. Absofriggenlutely.

You see, finally, a movie that is with super heroes that is both appropriate for kids AND keeps the adults entertained, all while staying true to it’s comic book following. It’s like the perfect storm of family movies. And one I will be buying on September 25th for sure.

When the movie first came to theaters I wrote the following notes on it. I threw those notes into a post about fashion and called it good. Now that the DVD is coming out, I thought I’d share my thoughts again.

I’m not a Marvel fanatic, but have seen quite a few movies and have my favorites (hey, Iron Man… How you doin’? *wink wink*). What I love about this movie (besides the fact that I first saw it in IMAX 3D) was that you don’t have to be a true fan to love the movie. Alternatively, if you are crazy a fanatic, you will love it even more!

The Avengers, while loud with a few intimidating characters and a couple scenes that make you jump, was very kid friendly. If your child loves superhero movies, this is perfect. There wasn’t any bad language that I noticed and no sexy scenes or half-nekkid women (sorry guys!). It’s PG-13, but I think it’s perfectly fine for kids 8 and up, even younger if they have seen any of the stand alone character movies.

My favorite part? Well besides drooling whenever Robert Downey Jr was on the screen, has got to be Hulk. Any and all scenes with the guy when he’s big and green? Awesome!

The Avengers 2012 Movie Poster

Are you going to buy the DVD or rent it?





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