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Once again I am back from the movies. This time was The Dark Knight Rises, the latest in the Batman series. Now I have to warn you, I was not a fan of this newest line of Batman movies. Batman Begins, meh. Yeah, we get it. Billionaire with a chip on his shoulder tries to save the world while wearing a rubber suit and “disguising” his voice to sound like he swallowed gravel. Next…

The Dark Knight was sure to get me to like Christian Bale as the masked crusader right?! Nope. That movie creeped me out! The Joker? Holy Smackeroni. No thank you. I didn’t get through the entire movie (though I’ve tried a good half a dozen times). Heath Ledger is genius in it. Too good really, as I have nightmares every time I just think about it.

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster 2012

So now you ask… If you don’t like them, why in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, did you go see the third. Two words. My Husband. He was dying to see it and since I get to go to screenings, he was all over making sure I was going to take him to this. I tell you what. Of the three movies in this reboot of yet another comic series, it’s certainly my favorite. It didn’t take much since I slept through most of the first movie and can’t watch the second. Hey, I made it through all 2 hours and 46 minutes of this bad boy! (Do I get a prize?!)

While my husband and I have very different reviews for this movie, it’s my blog, so I will give you MY review. And the first thing I get asked after every movie screening I go to is… drumroll please… “MOM! Can I see it now?!” from my *almost* 8 year-old boy. The Dark Knight Rises? Nope, you gotta wait until it’s on DVD boy. Here’s why.

Now there is hardly any bad language in it. I can’t remember a single bad word other than “bitch” said in it. They may have said something stronger, but if they did, my mom-trained ears didn’t catch it. There is also no nudey scenes or lovey dovey stuff other than a few kisses and a suggestion by the fire. (Sorry boys! No half-naked Anne Hathaway/Catwoman for you!)

The regular fighting scenes are pretty predictable. Obligatory massive amounts of shooting and fists thrown. Lots and lots of fighting to the point I think I actually yawned during some of the Bane/Batman fights. Yeah, yeah,  good v. evil, punch, kick, punch. The parts that made me feel this movie was more for 12 and up were how dark the movie is (duh, it’s called The Dark Knight, not Susie Sunshine Rides a Unicorn) and some of the intense scenes with a whole lotta death going on. I wonder how many people “died” in this movie? I can tell you it seemed like a lot! People were shot, hung, knocked out and generally just killed off for no reason but to kill them off. There wasn’t any gore, a lot of the killing is implied, but I just felt uneasy with a few of the scenes and thought it was way more intense than I’d feel comfortable showing my 8 year-old, especially in the movie theatre. A smaller screen might be better for the younger fans of Batman.

My 13 year-old is begging to go see it this weekend. I’ll probably end up taking him or having him go with a friend. Definitely totally appropriate for kids 12 and up (and probably 10 and up if they have seen either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight already).

Now a little bit for the adults and fans of Batman. Really great plot twists and turns. Catwoman was a lot of fun. I loved her. Snarky and conniving but still likable. Of course there was some campy stuff and a few bad actors who don’t know how to die without looking ridiculous, but over all really good. Bane was hard to understand at times (and hello, Tom Hardy! He was so cute in This Means War, but is totally unrecognizable in this movie). The kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun was really good in this. I expected the quirky/nerdy Joseph Gorden-Levitt from 50/50 and 500 Summers to seem out of place, but he was my favorite character/actor from the movie. My husband was also calling out the football players of the Pittsburgh Steelers as they played the Gotham Rogues.

Are you going to see it this weekend? Did you see it with your kids? Share what you thought in the comments below!



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