Before the Holidays I told you about Vinci Genius, the tablet for little ones with a built in curriculum. This tablet has been Brady’s go-to toy this season. He even reaches for this over his iPad! The size, easy handles and apps really make it so kids are drawn to it.

When Brady plays with it, he’s mostly interested in the videos. Especially the ones the animated baby is singing in. You can watch these songs free online or download them to your Vinci Tablet. Brady’s top two favorites? Wheels on the Bus and Row Your Boat.

There are a TON of apps to download. A lot are free and most are under $2.

Vinci Tablet


My older boys also dive for the tablet these days. They unlock it with the parent screen and can play Angry Birds and more! Since it doubles as a typical android tablet, they can read ebooks, play games and surf the web. They grab for it and play with it as much as Brady does!

When surfing the net myself, I’ve found quite a few other blogs that love the Vinci tablet as well. Leticia at wrote about it in her article, 3 Hot Electronic Learning Toys for Toddlers. Mashable named it one of the 7 Best Tablets for Kids. Consumer Search even listed it as a great distraction for kids and families that are traveling.

Check out this video from the creator of Vinci!

As you can see, it’s way more than just “another tech toy.” It’s a full on learning system that can grow with your child.

The 7″ tablet is on sale for $169.99 at right now through December 31st. The curriculum SD cards are 50% off as well. Sounds like the perfect way to spend some of that money grandma sent the kids?! 😉

To read our full review, click here.

disclosure: We were given a tablet with a curriculum pre-installed in order to facilitate this honest review. No monetary compensation was made. 



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