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Send the Kids to Science Camp Without Leaving the House

STEM camps with Spangler science

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I’m making our plans for summer now. Actually, I’m late. One of the camps my daughter wanted to attend is already full, and I’m trying to schedule everyone else’s plans (one more kid’s going to Boy Scout camp, one kid wants to do theater camp, one wants to do Girl Scouts…sigh). I think it’s going to require a grid, color-coded markers, and maybe a computer spreadsheet to keep track of all of us. And at some point, it might be nice to actually take a vacation together. Huh. There’s a thought.

So I love the idea of the Steve Spangler STEM Camp Kits. You get an entire week’s worth of activities (2 hours’ worth for each day!), and you can do them at home with the kids. Or you could get a co-op group together, order a kit, and go through it with all the kids in the neighborhood, maybe. Or incorporate it into a day camp or VBS program — so many possibilities. It’s also such a fun, cool way to keep kids learning over the summer (probably without even realizing it!)

STEM Camp Collection

The kit includes 5 days’ worth of materials for 5 kids, but there is a two-tier pricing system if you’re planning this for a larger group.  The kits cover the following:

  • Mad Scientist Laboratory (basic chemistry and colorful creations that don’t stain!)
  • It’s Electric (explore electricity and turn your own body into a — safe! — conductor of electricity
  • Bubblology
  • Water Magic
  • Newton’s Antics (explore Newton’s First Law of Motion, and learn about gravity, friction, and inertia)

So kids get hands-on activities that sometimes get a little messy, while they’re learning and having fun. Sounds like the perfect summer camp to me.

Amazing Science Projects Every Month

Steve explains STEM Camp for Parents & Grandparents in a quick video! Watch today to learn all about Summer Learning with STEM Camp.

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links