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Sleep Tips for Kids for the Holiday Season

I have three types of sleepers in this house. My oldest can sleep anywhere, anytime. It would take an explosion to wake him up in the morning, especially when he’s on break from school. My middle boy is my night owl. He’s the one who will wait up past midnight hoping to get a glimpse of a certain guy in a red suit with no problem. Waking him up the next day, is another story. My youngest is my non-sleeper. He goes to bed late, gets up early and has been refusing naps since he turned one. Needless to say, we go through a LOT of coffee around here. 

Traveling with the boys makes their sleep patterns even more hectic. Thankfully, all of our family lives locally, so we aren’t traveling this Holiday season, but we are traveling for fun, just ’cause. Cloud b recently sent me some amazing tips for getting these kids to get as much sleep as possible to ensure our trip is fun and not full of the “tired grouchies”. 

We LOVE the Twilight Turtle line from Cloud b. We have a few of the previous versions of this toy and Brady lines them up at night and turns each one on to lull him to sleep. We even take them on vacations with us to ensure he gets a good night’s rest (or at least some sleep) while we are away. 


‘Tis the season for holiday excitement, yet parents know this also means overstimulated little ones who just can’t sleep. Fear not – the holiday season (and the family sanity) can be saved with a little help from Cloud b and The Sleep Lady®. 

Cloud b, the world’s leading manufacturer of products and accessories geared to help children sleep, has teamed up with sleep expert Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady®, to offer timely tips and healthy solutions that help create a calming bedtime routine, which is especially important during the hectic holidays. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. West has been a practicing child and family therapist for twenty years.  She has helped tens of thousands of tired parents all over the world learn to create and preserve healthy sleep habits. 

·       Keep to your child’s regular bedtime as much as possible.  A later night here and there isn’t as problematic as multiple late nights especially if combined with skipped naps. 

·       Be flexible with a nap schedule. If traveling in a car for a few hours, it may be easier on everyone if your little one sleeps right through the trip. Try to get back to your hotel (or relatives’ home) to have an early bedtime.  Remember, a well-rested child is better behaved and more adaptable to all the changes and new people they will meet while away. 

·       It’s always best for baby to sleep in one place while you’re away.  Choose the home of one set of grandparents/relatives as a “base camp” and arrange to have relatives come there to visit your little one.  You can carefully explain to all concerned why your baby needs this, and to avoid bruised feelings, let all concerned know that the other grandparents/relatives would be the “base” for the next visit.

·       When traveling with your child, bring comfort items. Always bring along the lovey and pack a night-light.  Since there’s no such thing as traveling lightly with a small child, go ahead and take along favorite books and toys.

It’s especially helpful to pack along toys specifically designed to help children sleep. Cloud b helps parents establish a calming bedtime routine with a collection of wonderful characters that feature elements of soothing sights and calming sounds for a relaxing night’s sleep.  This holiday season, parents will be able to create customized lullabies to play through the award-winning Twilight Turtle Tunes ($51.95/all ages) for especially sweet dreams!


For the first time ever, Cloud b brings the element of sound to their starlight-projecting award-winning Twilight Turtle with the new innovative Twilight Turtle Tunes. We’ve even included it in our Holiday Gift Guide Parents can create their own customized lullabies with the Cloud b app of melodies and soothing sounds to stream via Bluetooth through the softly-glowing outer shell.  A premium app, available for $1.99 will also provide access to personal music libraries and voice recordings to create totally unique mixes.


disclosure: no monetary compensation was made for this post. We own several of the older versions of Twilight Turtle and LOVE the brand and these tips and wanted to share.