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SPD kids and illnesses

Like having a kid with a nasty summer cold and double pink eye isn’t bad enough? Throw into the mix the fact he has SPD (sensory processing disorder) and hates to have anyone get near or touch his face. Wiping his nose and eyes is like trying to clean a greased pig. Poor Chewy was up until 3am and then I finally got him down only to discover he had a bloody nose. The next 30 min made me ever so happy we live in BFE with an empty lot on one side of our 1.5 acres and our neighbors out of town on the other. Trying to compress and tilt and do all the things you need to do with a bloody nose on a toddler is difficult, on an SPD toddler is damned near impossible. DH is lucky he was on call at the hospital all night. That was he didn’t hear the baby screaming and the mommy crying. Finally got it under control and got him to sleep at 4am, only to have the sick 5 yr old crawl into my bed to declare he’s awake for the day. *Need Coffee STAT!*

Now with T (the 11 yr old) we spent about 4 years, countless dr visits and even a surgery to get his nose bleeds under control. He had chronic nose bleeds that made it look like a murder was occurring. He would get them at least 3 times a week if not more. I became an expert at nose-packing as to avoid the ER trips and copays and we had his nose cauterized so many times I can’t even count. He had his adenoids removed and was put on meds and it’s left him with a big schnoz and speech impediment. T has some minor sensory issues, looking back in hindsight, but nothing like Chewy. I just pray this was a one off deal with his cold and not the start of a very messy, bloody road.

Is 10:00 AM too early for a drink?



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