A Thank You to My Readers

Wow. The support I’ve received, both online and off, from family, friends and new friends has been amazing. I’m truly humbled as usually I put up a post and pray that maybe 10 of you read it. 😉

There will be more posts about our journey. We are using the PECS system (picture exchange communication system) and I have some great tips on how to keep that going when you are out and about using low tech devices. We have a ton of apps for the iPad, but Chewy just isn’t at the level of being able to use that to his benefit just yet.

If you are a family going through a similar journey, or you have tips & tricks that have helped you, please email me at mom@coloradomoms.com. I’d love to feature guest posts on the topic before Autism Awareness Month is over.

I will be posting about our journey from back when he was 9 months old and I first felt something was “off”. Hopefully this will help others in a similar position. These will be featured in our Special Needs section. A link is in the header.

Again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being there for us. To all of you who read our post, sent an email, messaged me on facebook or twitter, I truly appreciate it and so does our family.

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Fueled by coffee and wine. Wife to a doc, mom to three boys (one with Autism), a puppy and a tortoise. I knit, I get crafty, I tweet.

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    As a classroom teacher and the owner of Kidproof Colorado, I am so grateful to all who share their personal experiences with autism because your knowledge helps the general public and especially teachers know more about autism and how best to reach every child. Every child is special!

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