Things I Shouldn’t Have to Tell Adults #Autism

After just running a couple of short errands today with Brady, I decided I need to make this image into a card and pass it out to people who give my son and I dirty looks.

autism image by


What would you tell people who think you are either a bad parent or have a bratty kid? Normally I just roll my eyes at them and walk away, but today it really got under my skin.



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  1. Angela says

    I totally understand. Sometimes I say nothing (usually) and sometimes I say he is Autistic because it is hard sometimes, and my human nature of defense kicks in. The only and I mean ONLY downside to autism, is most who are in the spectrum, you cannot tell by looking at them. So, as the judgmental people (most) of society is, we assume it is bad parenting. Breaks my heart because I know how sweet and understand he is to the best of his ability. People can be so mean and if you are new to all this, it makes the adjustment that much harder. Ignorance needs a swift kick in the throat :)

    • Jamie says

      I really like this! Very sweet story but looks like Autism Speaks doesn’t sell them anymore. I discussed it with my family and was ready to buy a couple too :(

  2. says

    He is adorable and perfect. I am so upset that anyone would ever do that. Obviously they don’t know a thing about autism…..I agree with Sara – a shirt or business cards. Talk about making THEM feel bad! HA!

  3. says

    I can’t believe anyone would give Brady a dirty look. He is the cutest kid ever. People need to mind their own business and understand that ALL kids have bad or loud days. Hang in there mama!

    • Emily says

      I was the one getting most of the looks. From grown men too. What am I supposed to do, muzzle my kid and put him on a leash?! Those men were rude.

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