When I read this amazing post over at the blog Many Hats Mommy – by The Domestic Goddess I was nodding my head and agreeing with her every point. I won’t reinvent the wheel by adding my own, but I will link you to that post so you can read it. For any family dealing with autism it’s a great read. For any family who isn’t dealing with autism first hand… it’s a MUST read.

So many times people don’t know what to say when you tell them your child has autism. And that’s okay. Just know that parent of Autistic kids are hyper sensitive already, so a little compassion without going overboard is all you need to give.

Check out The Domestic Goddess’ What Not to Say to a Family Dealing with Autism post here.

Thanks to both bloggers for getting this post out there. It truly is one of my favorite blog posts EVAH!

I'm not misbehaving I have Autism
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