We got an “official” answer from the Developmental Pediatrician. Really, the diagnosis won’t change any of his current therapies or prognosis much so we are still on the right path. My husband and I opted not to share the actual diagnosis on this blog. We don’t want to jeopardize any future therapies or treatments, and really, it’s my sons story to tell. I will be sharing different therapies that work for us in relation to his dyspraxia, speech apraxia and sensory stuff though, since that is still the root of the issue, so watch for those!

First step is transitioning from the Early Interventions therapies into a preschool setting. My Lord I’m nervous! I’d love to just keep him here at home with me all day every day. That probably won’t help him with peers later in life though. Booooooo. We have a meeting in March to go over what school we are “assigned” to and to decide if that’s really where we want him to go. We shall see. I’ve already got a page full of questions for them.

One thing that I’ve also decided to do is try to establish more of a “routine” for Chewy. Our days are so crazy with 3 boys, therapies, school runs, karate lessons and Chess clubs, that it’s rare we have a day I can map out ahead of time and even more rare we can adhere to a proper routine. I’m taking this in steps. For this week I’m establishing a bedtime routine. Dinner, bath, stories, snuggles and then bed. 1 hour, start to finish. We’ll see how I can keep this up when our dinner time changes every night, but at least the bath, stories, snuggles part should be consistent. *side note, just my kid getting a bath more than once a week would be a small miracle up in here!*

Do you have a set routine for your kids? Does it change based on the day, but keeping the weeks the same? Has it helped your son/daughter? I need all the tips I can get!

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