The Costumeless Costume (& a big thanks to @DisneyStore!)

I would call this a “Wordless Wednesday” but by now you all know I talk WAY too much to be wordless. I’ll try to keep this short.

In years past, Brady has loved to dress up for Halloween. He thought it was hysterical to be a monkey last year, but this year? Nothing is getting him near a costume.

I tried, begged, pleaded and even tried to trick him into getting in his Buzz Lightyear costume.

It resulted in a crying fit (for both of us).

Disney Store to the rescue! I bought this shirt a while ago, just because I thought it was cute and Brady was originally a Woody fan, until he realized his Buzz Lightyear lit up and talked, and it’s just plain cute. Turns out, it’s a lifesaver Halloween-Saver as this is as close to a costume as we are getting this year. I can’t thank the Disney Store enough to have this shirt in stock! :)

Woody Halloween costume for kids with autism who hate costumes

Meanwhile Carter is going with two costumes. Michael Jackson for school and his favorite Skylander – Trigger Happy for Trick-or-Treating. Dad even got him a couple NERF guns and spray painted them gold so he looks like the real deal! (Thomas is going as an Assassain’s Creed guy, not to trick-or-treat, but to scare kids. Oh, to be 13 again.

Trigger Happy and his Golden Guns


What are your kids going to be tonight?!


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    Hurricane Sandy got our trick or treat night moved to Sunday but I have The Hulk, a lady (re: my 11 yo son dressed up as a woman – I found a beard so I may make him be “the bearded” lady”), Frenchie from Grease and one 16 yo boy I like to tell people is going as “unemployed”.

    Happy Halloween Mama!

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