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Spring Break “Stay-cation” Ideas

spring break stay-cation ideas

Spring Break for most schools starts soon. Are you planning a big vacation with the family or a stay-cation in your own town? Here are a few ideas to help jump start your break if you are staying in town.

spring break stay-cation ideas



Who doesn’t love going to the Zoo? Go to your local zoo, OR have the kids make a zoo with their stuffed animals. 🙂 We had quite a dinosaur section in our home zoo last week.



Besides the normal science/nature or children’s museums, why not try one you haven’t been to in a while. Many cities have Firefighter, train, history type museums that are often less crowded than the bigger ones.


Family Game Night:

Bust out the board games or the wii and host a family competition! With March Madness going on, maybe create a bracket and have an epic Go Fish tournament.


Around the World in 5 Dinners:

Spin the globe and look for great recipes online in whatever country you land on. Expand this idea by researching each country you chose and dressing up or making decorations in their native flair.


Dollar Movies:

Well, they aren’t really $1 anymore but many cities have a $3 movie theatre showing older flicks. Find one you haven’t seen yet or one you love so much you can see it again!


What Stay-Cation Ideas do you have?



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