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St. Patrick’s Day Fun & Leprechaun Science!

Being Irish makes St. Patrick’s Day even more of an event for me. I like get the kids involved in some good old fashioned leprechaun hunting! There are many ways to try catch a leprechaun and create a day of fun and learning in the process. Recently I took a trip down to one of my favorite places, Steve Spangler Science. There Steve Spangler himself, along with his trusty team, showed us a bunch of ways to get the kids in on the fun, making leprechaun snow, disappearing jelly balls, how to turn our water green and even how to make a leprechaun trap! 

I received a Leprechaun Science Kit and got some hands on fun testing out all the goodies! Right now, Spangler Science has a special going on where you can purchase the kit and get a 45 min instructional video for free! (normally a $10 value!). Click Here to snag this deal!

Leprechaun science kit



A little about this kit… 



It’s time that someone exposes a few Leprechaun secrets… and we’ve done it with this Leprechaun Science kit. Learn how to uncover hidden rainbows, experience the magic of color-changing Leprechaun beads, fish for Leprechauns with appearing green worms and amaze your friends with some genuine Leprechaun magic. Grow Leprechaun eggs that appear and vanish in a blink of an eye, learn the secret to turning ordinary white flowers green and discover how to inflate an eight foot long Leprechaun sandwich bag with only one breath of air. If your kids ever doubted the existence of Leprechauns, just wait until they turn on the faucet and the water flows green! If your kids like St. Patrick’s Day, they’ll love this Leprechaun Science kit – and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to conduct each of the activities with your young scientist.

Click Here for the full list of what’s included!




Some pictures from our exclusive tour include Vlad, the “Head” of Human Resources, a sneak peek into their recording studio and experiment headquarters. 

Spangler tour steve spangler tour steve spangler rainbow


The boys got in on the fun as soon as I got home, creating their own experiments! 

science fun


Head on over to to see their entire line of science fun! 



disclosure: Thank you to Steve Spangler and his team for inviting me out to tour the headquarters and for the Leprechaun Science Kit featured in this article.