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Our Stay at the Westin at Denver International Airport

Traveling can be hectic on it’s own. Add in 2 kids and a very early flight and it can seem overwhelming. Because I previously worked with the fabulous hotel chain Westin, I thought this latest trip would be the perfect way to combine work with some pleasure and a stay at the Denver International Airport location was decided. 

My husband and 2 youngest boys and I were flying to St. Louis and Illinois to visit family and see our oldest son who was spending the summer working for his grandparents. We had big plans to visit lots of people and attractions. Little did we know, our favorite part of the trip would be the night before our flight!

My youngest is autistic and loves airplanes. Southwest Airlines airplanes to be specific. Every time we go to the airport we have to buy another toy plane. Even when we are just picking people up! He has quite the collection and gets so excited to see them land and take off and take photos by their promotional posters throughout the airport. He was over the moon that we would get to stay AT the airport and possibly see some planes. 

We checked into our room and were given a Corner Junior Suite that overlooked the west runways. A spectacular view of the mountains, downtown skyline and runways. It was a bit hazy out but the view was still phenomenal. 

Westin DIA view

The room was incredible. We had two queen beds facing the large wall of windows. A desk and TV stand  also looked outside. My boys instantly crawled into the window area and set up shop. There was a small ledge of sorts so they could belly up right to the glass and didn’t want to leave. My youngest was so excited because the second he went to the window, a few Southwest planes lined up to take off. 

Westin DIA Room

Even though we were facing the runway and so close to cars and parking garages and other typical airport noise, the rooms were very quiet. You could barely hear the planes take off and land. The room was bright with lots of natural light, but they had 2 different automated shades you could lower to make the room as dark as night, even with the sun setting towards our windows. 

The boys wanted to explore so we set out for the pool. Located on the 11th floor in the very heart of the hotel, the pool faced south and you could watch plans take off and land, as well as the trains come and go delivering travelers to the airport. The main pool was a bit chilly for me, so I stuck to the hot tub, but my boys had fun swimming about and pointing out the different planes. 

Westin DIA pool

There was a great gym located right next to the pool that faced north and you could see the tent canopies of the airport terminal. I’m sure the equipment was nice, but I forgot to pack my sneakers. They do provide workout gear and shoes for a small fee if you forget them or want to pack light. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to workout anyway. 😉 

We dined in the restaurant that was a part of the hotel, Grill & Vine. Upscale dining that welcomed my kids. The other patrons were mostly business travelers but didn’t seem to mind little ones. They had delicious food we all drooled over and I’m still dreaming about my burger. 

Westin DIA Grill & Vine

It was great to not have to get up early, worry about parking and getting to the terminal and such before our early flight. We got up, packed our things and walked straight to security. Staying at the Westin Denver International Airport was not only a luxurious treat, but also was a very practical decision. My boys can’t wait for our next trip so we can stay there again! 

The Westin also has great programs for families! You can read all about them and our previous stay at the Denver Downtown location, Westin Downtown Denver Family Weekends.

disclosure: I was given a discounted media rate for our hotel room costs only in exchange for my honest review. All meals and any extras we experienced, we paid for. Thoughts and opinions are mine and honest.