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Summer Reading

Do your kids love reading or hate it? Mine love it and to keep them interested we doe series books with rewards or books about a show/movie with rewards as well. In fact, last month in our forums we gave away 5 books to 5 different kiddo’s to get a great start on their summer reading! Books like Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson and Five Little Monkeys!

When T was in 2nd grade he wanted to tackle Harry Potter. He was still a bit young to read such a long book when he was just mastering the Magic Treehouse books, so we started a rewards program. When he finished reading a book in the series, we bought the movie and the next book. We couldn’t buy the movie until he finished, but he could go see the movie in the theatre. This worked out great with the timing of the movies being released as well. He now times his books to the movies. LOL He JUST finished book 7 this week and its the first time the new movie hasn’t been available when he was done. He’s bummed but already starting his next book to movie series, Percy Jackson! He’s finished the first book, so as soon as it’s on DVD we’ll go get it.

Now I know not everyone may be able to buy every book and movie out there, so other things are recording the movies off TV when they air or renting, or even borrowing from the library! You could borrow the books from the library instead of purchasing them too. I choose to buy most of our books just because I have 3 boys and I want to pass down the ones they really love to their brothers.

Cartman is just starting to read on his own. We have a TON of the I Can Read books, both from when T was younger and a lot we have recently purchased. I love the various stages of the books.

My First Level – Shared Reading. Books like our fave Biscuit!!!
Level 1 – Beginning Reading. The Berenstain Bears are the perfect choice for this level!
Level 2 – Reading with Help. My favorite books growing up were definitely the crazy Amelia Bedelia!
Level 3 – Reading Alone. Once the kids have mastered reading, books like Minnie & Moo are great!

T’s first book he could read on his own was Biscuit. OMG do we LOVE Biscuit here! Woof! Woof! Cartman loves anything to do with super heroes. I love how the I Can Read books even feature the superest (is that even a word? My High School english teacher is probably shuddering right now!) hero of them all… Batman!

Check out the I Can Read website for more great books and tips on how to get these kiddo’s reading! They have a super user friendly site and you can find the perfect book for every level of their reading abilities!

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