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I’m Not a SuperMom

I get labeled this a lot. “SuperMom.”

“Wow! With 3 boys, one who is autistic, a hubby who is a doctor and all you do? You must be a SuperMom!”

“How do you have time to knit or read or even pee without a kid barging in?! You must be a SuperMom!”

“You work from home, travel and have time to take the kids to appointments, practices and school?! You must be a SuperMom!”

I’m here to shatter your world people.

I’m not a SuperMom!

Truth is, I’m normal. I’m flawed. I’m lazy at times and I constantly wonder if I’m a bad mom.

I forget that the kids have a half day on a random friday more often than not.

If it were up to me? I’d never clean the house.

I yell at the kids, say the wrong thing and burn dinner almost daily.

I think the label “SuperMom” is ridiculous. We all are just trying to make it day-by-day and doing the best we can.

Just because one mom deals with autism and another might have typical developing kids, doesn’t mean that both don’t work as hard as the other at doing everything. Circumstances are just different.

So let’s give ourselves a break. 🙂 Let’s get rid of the ideal of a “SuperMom” and realize we are all simply, great moms.



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