Makes Shopping Fun! Makes Shopping Fun!

I recently stumbled upon After exploring around I learned you could make collections of your favorite baby/kid gear and share those collections with friends! You just search through the amazing products they list and “bump it”. It then saves it in a collection, kinda like pinterest but for kid stuff and shopping! Genius.  Here is […]

I Knit a Dead Fish Hat & Forced My Kid to Wear It.

Dead Fish Hat

I love knitting. It really calms me down when the kids are driving me crazy or I’m stressed out about writing or deadlines. I knit all sorts of things, coffee sleeves, iPhone sweaters, little stuffed animals for the kids. I’ve even knit Godzilla and Mothra.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout Giveaway

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout Review

How I wonder what I’d ever do without this toy! Chewy is not one to have a favorite toy, blankie, etc. He likes trucks, cars, trains, things with wheels that either talk or make noise. He usually takes the 800 stuffed animals I collect for him and uses them to throw over our balcony. But […]

Dyspraxia, Apraxia, Hypotonia, Oh My!

Yoga Master

I have to say, I’m quite shocked at some of the things people google and find my blog because of. Some of the top searches are: Androidz Toys – This is due to my review of the product Housework Sucks – Let’s face it, it DOES suck. This is the one that surprised me… Pictures […]

The Savvy Source


I’m sooooooo happy they have come to Denver! They just had a great offer of half off a premier family membership at the Butterfly Pavilion. Savvy Savings is a site marketed to parents. They offer ideas on local activites, camps, classes and more! They often have awesome deals featuring local attractions at deep discounts! The […]

Why do you knit, Knit?


I have a NEED to do something with my hands. I went to college to study graphic design, but quickly discovered I didn’t want to just design. I loved the production end just as much, if not more. I didn’t want to just come up with the idea, I needed the follow through. I loved the messy printing end, but didn’t want to give up the creative design end. So I took a break to figure things out. My parents are still bitter. And I got married, and had babies and decided what I REALLY wanted to do was be Mom. But I still need to create somehow.

Apraxia Walk

Apraxia Walk Colorado

We had a blast at the walk today! I’ll get pictures up soon, my camera died literally minutes before the walk! There were over 100 walkers and Team ColoradoMoms raised almost $500! Chewy didn’t “walk”, I pushed him in the stroller, but he seemed to have fun. One of the highlights for my boys was […]

From Rumpled to Runway with Kelly Ripa

Electrolux and Kelly Ripa

I’ve been lusting over this washer and dryer every time I see an Electrolux commercial with Miss Kelly Ripa herself. These commercials are so cute! I was honored to get the chance to let you all know about a special project Electolux and Kelly are teaming up for. Electrolux and brand ambassador Kelly Ripa are […]

That little…

what me worry?

$#!t! Ooooh boy, he’s lucky his daddy had to work all night so I couldn’t be loud when I found this… This is only one of the 5 (FIVE!) cushions he colored on. Just last week he drew a nice picture on my off white dining room chair (yes, I’m a masochist for owning such […]

5 Simple Smile Tips

Baby Brushing Teeth

My husbands family are all dentists! His Dad, Brother, Uncle and Cousin have a practice in Lakewood, Colorado. I’m constantly reminded about how to keep teeth healthy and bright. Here are five simple things you can do for your child to help keep their smiles healthy and bright. 1. Brush. D’uh! But you’d be surprised […]

Paperspring Giveaway!


I received a pack of sample baby announcements, birthday invitations and holiday cards from Paperspring in a blogger pack from Mom Magazine. These cards were FABULOUS! Best part, Paperspring is an eco-friendly company! Paperspring is an eco-friendly online retailer offering contemporary personalized cards and stationery. Paperspring’s vision is to create fresh ideas on paper and […]

all Free Clear Program

all®Free Clear . Just another product that many new moms might over look when buying laundry soap for baby. I also fell for the expensive baby detergents when the boys were born. Even though I used all®Free Clear for myself. If only I had known that it is as gentle on baby’s skin as the […]