Tasty Tuesday: Sun Basket Delivers Delicious Convenience {Save $20!}


I learned to cook for my family when I was pretty young–maybe 10? It’s been a passion of mine ever since. And now, I’m passing my love of cooking onto my kids. They especially enjoy searching Pinterest for new recipes to try. I’m happy to hand over the reigns and let them take charge of […]

Not Your Typical Summer Camp: Cooking Techniques For Teens (and Grown Ups Too!)

Teen Tech

  If you’re a home cook who wants to improve your skills and learn some new ones, or a parent of a budding young chef, you’ll definitely want to check out the Home Cook classes from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  Best known for their post-secondary career programs in culinary and pastry arts, Auguste Escoffier […]

Local Business Spotlight: the STAGE at Mi Vida Strings


Three years ago, Michele and Eric Trujillo opened Mi Vida Strings, a stringed instrument shop in South Westminster. They have provided high quality rentals to students around the metro area as well as expert repairs and restorations, since their opening. Recently their love of music and art led them to acquire the building next door […]

Apple Banana Bread (National Banana Bread Day!)

Apple Banana Bread Recipe

Papa Knitschmidt has quite the sweet tooth and likes to bake. He has made some amazingly yummy treats! When Chalupa Boy was a baby I worked for Papa for a while. There was always some kind of mini candy bar or chocolate nugget of one variety or another in the jar on his desk. But my favorite days were the ones when Papa had been baking and there was something wrapped up waiting for me.

Gnocchi with Bacon Cream Sauce

Gnocchi with Bacon Cream Sauce

I found an amazing recipe on The Reluctant Gormet and made some modifications to perfect it for our family. Everyone gobbled it up! Ignore the fact it’s not every heart healthy with all the bacon grease, cheese and heavy cream… That’s what makes it even more delicious! Oh! And if you don’t happen to have […]

Italian Gnocchi with Chicken


Tired of pasta and don’t feel like making a risotto? This is my go-to for pasta night here. My kids LOVE Gnocchi! Gnocchi (pronounced nee-okkee) are an excellent alternative: They’re fantastic with all sorts of sauces, from a simple summer tomato sauce to the richest winter meat sauce. Florentines call them topini (field mice), because […]