Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Cornmeal Bundt Cake

lemon cake

Easter is just a few days away, and I’ve been charged with bringing the dessert for our family’s celebration. Nothing says “Spring” to me, more than the bright, tart flavor of lemon. This cake is one of my family’s favorites: I get requests for it year round but especially in Spring and Summer. It’s very […]

3 Must-Try Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Day

grilled cheese day

Seriously, there is a whole DAY devoted to my favorite sandwich!?  Yes. Yes there is.  There are a few simple pleasures in life. Toasty, buttery bread with melted cheddar, maybe a slice of ham, dunked in a bowl of tomato soup is one of them. But for something different, here are three mouthwatering gourmet combos […]

Tasty Tuesday: Potato Sausage Skillet

potatosausage (1 of 1)

I found this recipe one night on a random Pinterest binge, and it has quickly become one of our family’s favorites. It’s fast, only a handful of ingredients most of which are staples, and it’s super filling and yummy. It calls for kielbasa, but I have made it multiple times with whatever sausage is on […]

Tasty Tuesday: Baked White Fish with Smoky Bacon-Tomato Relish

fish (1 of 1)

Even though I don’t keep to the Lenten tradition of eating fish on Fridays anymore, I definitely enjoy the sales on seafood this time of year! I’m stocking up on individually frozen and wrapped fillets because it’s so easy to pull out exactly what I need from the freezer, thaw it quickly in a bowl […]

Tasty Tuesday: Balsamic BBQ Sauce


We’re normally year-round grillers, but with the high winds and bitter cold lately, we’ve held off for a few months. So this sunny, mild weather made me want to clear the cobwebs out of the grill and fire it up! One of my favorite things to grill is chicken drumsticks. They’re cheap, fairly quick to […]

Tasty Tuesday: Irish Ale Bread

beer bread

This bread is always a hit: it’s my Grandpa’s recipe and a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in our family, but it is so quick and easy to make that it’s perfect for any time of year. It makes two decent sized loaves and it’s always gobbled up quickly!  It complements heavy meat dishes and stews […]

Tasty Tuesday: Crock Pot Gumbo

gumbo (1 of 1)

Next Tuesday just happens to be Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras! So for this week, we’re cooking it up Cajun style!  In doing my background research for this recipe, it occurred to me that there must be as many gumbo recipes as there are residents of Louisiana…and no one recipe is more “authentic” than another. […]

Tasty Tuesday: Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing and Dip


Oh Greek Yogurt, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! We seriously go through tons of yogurt around our house, (which is why I have learned to make it from scratch, as I posted here: Homemade Yogurt ) One of my kids’ favorite things to munch on is fresh veggies and ranch […]

Tasty Tuesday: Honey Butter Sweet Rolls

rolls (1 of 1)

If you were a public school kid in the 80′s, you know that the only acceptable side item for a bowl of chili is a cinnamon roll. I can’t even imagine two things that make a better pair!  My daughter disagrees. She likes a particular steakhouse chain’s dinner rolls the best, and often asks if we […]

Tasty Tuesday: Sweet and Spicy Sloppy Joes

sloppy joes (1 of 1)

There are an awful lot of opinions on food in my house. Trying to get a dinner on the table that everyone will like and is somewhat healthy, in under 30 minutes? Quite the challenge. Add the weekday chaos to the equation-kids stressing over homework, little bro trying to watch his cartoons while big sisters […]

Tasty Tuesday: Carrot Cranberry Salad


It’s so hard to get a variety of veggies on the table in the dead of winter. There just aren’t a lot of options! But this is an easy, fresh-tasting side dish that compliments lots of dinner, and looks bright and colorful, too. I adapted it from this Ellie Krieger recipe-hers called for mint, which […]

Tasty Tuesday: Korean Rice Bowls


These easy rice bowls are super-duper fast, full of veggies, and my kids rave about them. The best part is that you can mix and match your favorite veggies with whatever your family likes, or whatever’s on sale or in season. We really like to change it up with sliced mushrooms, bean sprouts, even pineapple […]

Homemade Yogurt: 2 Ingredients, 7 Easy Steps {Tutorial}

Easy Homemade Yogurt Tutorial

  I have a love affair with Greek yogurt. It’s packed with probiotics, calcium, vitamin D, and protein, it’s a quick, yummy breakfast or snack, and it has tons of other uses as well. I even use it regularly as a face mask to “brighten and tighten” my tired skin. Problem is, most of what’s […]