Hey, Guys! Here’s Some Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts That Don’t Suck:


  Dear Guys, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. We know you’re stressing over what to buy us, and it’s not like our birthdays or Christmas where you can just ask us for ideas. It’s supposed to be a romantic surprise, right? Well, the good news is that we’re not really as high maintenance as you think, […]

Christmas Light Viewing: A Guide to the Best of the Metro Area

Photo Credit Emily Vanek

Did you know? Many historians believe the tradition of outdoor holiday lights began right here in Denver in 1914, with one D.D. Sturgeon (of Denver’s Sturgeon Electric Company) decking out his pine tree with electric lights into red and green paint, to bring his ill grandson some Christmas cheer.  Some of the best memories I have from […]

Bonefish Grill’s New COLOSSAL Menu


Every year before Christmas, my hubby and I take a night out to reconnect before the chaos, and we use it as a “meeting” to lay out our holiday budget, what are we getting for whom, where are we going on which day…basically all the little details that get lost in the shuffle! It’s a […]

National Autism Resources Holiday Gift Guide #AutismResources #GiftIdeas

autism gift guide

I’m always looking for new products for Brady and ideas to give family members for holidays and birthdays. So many products that are geared towards typical kids are great for autistic kids as well. I’ve written multiple gift guides showcasing various products, toys and even apps over the years. This year, the National Autism Resource […]

Introducing AT&T’s New $45 GoPhone Rate & A SmartPhone #Giveaway!

AT&T GoPhone Freedom Kit Giveaway Prize

We recently switched from another provider to AT&T. I had written about the GoPhone over the summer and was so impressed with the service and coverage, we moved the whole family over to their family rate plan. We have been extremely happy with the service and I love how we have double the data of […]

Curing the Gimmies: Giving Kids the Gift of Charity


  Every year around this time, there’s a nasty virus that goes around. It affects nearly every kid, it’s highly contagious, and even though many adults are immune, some of them still catch it. Symptoms include whining, complaining, and even tantrums. The dreaded Gimmies.  “Gimme a light-up Razor scooter!” “Gimme more Skylanders!” “Gimme a new […]

Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival Roundup

pumpkin patch

  Many schools in the metro area have a long weekend either this weekend or next for conferences, and it’s a perfect time to fit in a visit to the pumpkin patch! There are hundreds, all along the front range, but we’ve collected our favorite pick-your-own patches as well as harvest festivals for some down-on-the-farm […]

Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Cornmeal Bundt Cake

lemon cake

Easter is just a few days away, and I’ve been charged with bringing the dessert for our family’s celebration. Nothing says “Spring” to me, more than the bright, tart flavor of lemon. This cake is one of my family’s favorites: I get requests for it year round but especially in Spring and Summer. It’s very […]

Tasty Tuesday: Irish Ale Bread

beer bread

This bread is always a hit: it’s my Grandpa’s recipe and a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in our family, but it is so quick and easy to make that it’s perfect for any time of year. It makes two decent sized loaves and it’s always gobbled up quickly!  It complements heavy meat dishes and stews […]

5 Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

5 Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

These holiday cleaning tips post are brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. Holidays are stressful. Whether you are hosting or traveling for them, cleaning is one of the last things you want to worry about. I know when I’m traveling, I like to leave the house spotless, […]

5 Quick Knitting Patterns That Make Great Christmas Gifts

5 Quick Holiday Knits

If you are like me, you wait until the last possible minute to think of something fun to make for family and friends. I can’t very well start a blanket that will take me a month to knit with just weeks to go before the Holidays. I’ve got to think smaller.   Here are 5 […]

Caring Santa is Coming to a Mall Near You!

Caring Santa is coming to a mall near you! #specialneeds #autism

Having a four year-old proves difficult when it comes to visiting Santa. I have many pictures of my now eight year-old crying on Santa’s lap. Now throw Autism into the mix and you can see why last year we didn’t get a picture with the Jolly guy. The waiting in line, scared toddler and fact […]

How to Find & Buy the Perfect Gifts for Kids Online (with a giveaway yo!)

Time to Play Price Comparison Tool Doc McStuffins

This, and every holiday season, parents are looking to find that perfect gift for their child, Aunts & Uncles want to spoil their nephews and nieces, friends want to be the one who gave your child the gift they just can’t put down. In other words, everyone wants to see a child’s face light up […]

Skylanders Giants -The Hottest Video Game this Holiday Season (& which figures are out now!)

skylanders giants game

If you follow this blog, or follow me on facebook or instagram, you already know how HUGE of a fan we are of the Skylanders games, characters and world. My middle son Carter is eight and has started collecting posters for the games to decorate his room in our new house. We have only two […]

Elf on the Shelf (and other crap I do to make my kids behave)

creepy elf on the shelf

I’m sure you’ve all seen the displays at Target and Barnes & Noble, or seen the various facebook updates from your overachieving friends… “Look where Elfie hid today! Johnny is going to be tickled when he finds him!” and “When Suzie was acting up, I simply pointed to our Elf and whispered ‘we should be good for […]

Made in Colorado – 2011 Holiday Gift Guide


Made in Colorado 2011 Holiday Gift Guide   This year I thought it would be great to feature some local businesses in a gift guide. I, for one, love to support local business, especially ones started by moms. Whether it’s selling crafty items on etsy or owning a wine bar (um, hello! Wine!), Moms are […]

‘Tis the Season, but where are the sales?


I should be considered and Olympic Shopper. I can hunt sales and get deals better than ever before. I’ve gotten half off (or more) just about everything I buy since the beginning of time… Until this shopping season. Before Black Friday hit, I scoured the secretly uploaded ads, hunted down websites, searched for coupon codes […]