Godzilla Movie Review and DIY Craft & Party Supplies

Godzilla DIY Craft & Party Supplies

A while back, my Godzilla obsessed middle boy (who is nearly 10 now) drew a picture of Godzilla v. Mothra and said simply, “Knit this for me.” After scoring various websites, I found suitable patterns to alter into these radioactive creatures.    I found this pattern at Knitting at Knoon and modified the T-Rex to […]

Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern

Quick and Easy Knit Sheep Hat

I wanted to name this “Lamb! Bam! Thank You Ma’am” but figured you might not search for a free knitting pattern by that name, so good ol’ google will much prefer I name this a Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern. Boring, yes, but probably a smidge more helpful. First things first, how […]

Love my LYS: 9 Yarn Shops Along The Front Range of Colorado

LYS Yarn Shops Front Range Colorado

I am a yarn junkie. It’s not a secret. So when I was asked for a list of my favorite yarn shops in Colorado, I figured it would be a breeze. Then I started listing them all. We’re lucky to have a lot of fantastic local yarn shops in Denver and along the Front Range. […]

How to Knit a Sweater for Your iPhone

how to knit an iphone sweater

The iPhoodie. Hoodie for your iPhone. It’s getting to be fall so don’t you think your iPhone deserves to be cozy? (If this looks familiar to you die hard knitters… I have had the pattern on Ravelry for a while now.)  I’ve had this pattern on Ravelry for almost 2 years. It’s received 3,000+ “likes” […]

5 Quick Knitting Patterns That Make Great Christmas Gifts

5 Quick Holiday Knits

If you are like me, you wait until the last possible minute to think of something fun to make for family and friends. I can’t very well start a blanket that will take me a month to knit with just weeks to go before the Holidays. I’ve got to think smaller.   Here are 5 […]

A Buh-Nee for Brady (with link to knitting pattern)

Knit Bunny with Pattern

I’ve been knitting again. It’s super therapeutic for me. Watch some cheesy chick flick while knitting. Makes my stress melt away. My best friend Kate and I went to Fort Collins recently to visit The Loopy Ewe and My Sister Knits. The first is yarn heaven as it has aisles and aisles of super yummy, soft, gorgeous […]

Craft Addict Like Me? There’s Help!

quilt fabric bliss denver fabrics

So, it’s no surprise I like to get crafty. Poor hubby wonders how in H-E-double-hockey-sticks he married an 85 year-old woman, masquerading around in that 22 year-old’s body. 😉 Here’s a quick run down of the craftiness I’ve partaken (partook? partaked?) in over the years…

Click through to see my list and pictures of my recent craftiness from supplies I picked up at Fabric Bliss in Denver.

I Knit a Dead Fish Hat & Forced My Kid to Wear It.

Dead Fish Hat

I love knitting. It really calms me down when the kids are driving me crazy or I’m stressed out about writing or deadlines. I knit all sorts of things, coffee sleeves, iPhone sweaters, little stuffed animals for the kids. I’ve even knit Godzilla and Mothra.