Everything You Ever Wanted, A Memoir by Jillian Lauren

Everything You Ever Wanted, Jillian Lauren

Being in the blogging world, there are some names that jump out at you, whether they are bloggers or authors. One of those names that stood out for me was Jillian Lauren. I didn’t know much about her other than she was close with some of the blogging community that attends the same or similar events, […]

7 Free Printables to Organize Your Life

Free Printables to get you Organized

I love printables. In this digital world, you would think I would keep track of appointments, schedules, phone numbers, craft ideas, blog topics and more all in my phone or laptop. Nope. I’m a pen and paper kind of gal. I’ve seen so many printables over the years, but these are by far my favorites. […]

Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern

Quick and Easy Knit Sheep Hat

I wanted to name this “Lamb! Bam! Thank You Ma’am” but figured you might not search for a free knitting pattern by that name, so good ol’ google will much prefer I name this a Quick & Easy Knit Sheep Hat Free Pattern. Boring, yes, but probably a smidge more helpful. First things first, how […]

Free Minecraft Printables for Parties and Play

Free Minecraft Printables

I’ve scoured the internet and found a few sites who offer some great free minecraft printables. Everything from party decorations and invites to magnets to bring the play and building of minecraft out of the computer and into your child’s imagination. If you are reading this post, your kids are probably as obsessed with Minecraft as […]

13 Celebrities with Autistic Children

13 celebrities who have children with autism.jpg

Autism is all around us. In the last few years, experts said 1 in 88 kids were diagnosed. Now some say that number has climbed dramatically to 1 in 50. As you know if you read this blog, my 5 year-old son, Brady, was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism. It’s been a crazy ride […]

How to Knit a Sweater for Your iPhone

how to knit an iphone sweater

The iPhoodie. Hoodie for your iPhone. It’s getting to be fall so don’t you think your iPhone deserves to be cozy? (If this looks familiar to you die hard knitters… I have had the pattern on Ravelry for a while now.)  I’ve had this pattern on Ravelry for almost 2 years. It’s received 3,000+ “likes” […]

4 Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids

Lego Duplo Read and Build

As seen on Colorado’s Best on Channel 2 here in Denver this morning! Yes, I was extremely nervous as this was only my 3rd news-style segment and dozenth time in front of the camera in general. Thankfully I had been to the studio before with Chris (@TheToyGuy) with Time to Play. Every time he’s in […]

Caring Santa is Coming to a Mall Near You!

Caring Santa is coming to a mall near you! #specialneeds #autism

Having a four year-old proves difficult when it comes to visiting Santa. I have many pictures of my now eight year-old crying on Santa’s lap. Now throw Autism into the mix and you can see why last year we didn’t get a picture with the Jolly guy. The waiting in line, scared toddler and fact […]

The 2012 ColoradoMoms Holiday Toy Guide

2012 Holiday Toy Guide by ColoradoMoms.com

Hot off the presses! We have scoured toy stores, researched websites, stalked the UPS man, stayed up past bedtime, all to bring you this years list of the MUST HAVE toys of the season. From infant to teenagers, boys and girls alike will love our list and beg for these toys.   Click here to […]

Skylanders Giants -The Hottest Video Game this Holiday Season (& which figures are out now!)

skylanders giants game

If you follow this blog, or follow me on facebook or instagram, you already know how HUGE of a fan we are of the Skylanders games, characters and world. My middle son Carter is eight and has started collecting posters for the games to decorate his room in our new house. We have only two […]

How many days until Christmas?! How to score those Most Wanted toys!

Time to Play's Most Wanted Toys for 2012

I know, I know. Really?! Christmas talk already?! But I have good reason. Toys! There are some crazy amazing toys out for the Holidays and I want to help you guys find even the hardest to find ones! I’ve learned some tricks from my work with TimetoPlaymag.com and going to share the knowledge. First off… […]

The Fruitifuls Replacement Challenge… How I fought sugary drinks & won! (Giveaway!!)

Juicy Juice Fruitifuls

Brady is allergic to damn near everything. What he isn’t allergic to, his GI issues don’t tolerate too well. This makes it super hard to find “normal” foods and snacks he can have. As he’s getting older, he wants to drink what his brothers do, not his rice milk. I caved and bought a bunch […]