3 Must-Try Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Day

grilled cheese day

Seriously, there is a whole DAY devoted to my favorite sandwich!?  Yes. Yes there is.  There are a few simple pleasures in life. Toasty, buttery bread with melted cheddar, maybe a slice of ham, dunked in a bowl of tomato soup is one of them. But for something different, here are three mouthwatering gourmet combos […]

First Day of Pre-School

1st day of school

  My baby is all grown up. Well, as grown up as you can be at 3 years old. I put him to bed a toddler and he woke up a preschooler. Breathe. Deep breaths. I can do this. It’s been 45 minutes since I took him to school. I’m in public (i.e. at Starbucks) […]

Sick Toddlers Make Me Drink Heavily

devil binky

Well, it’s not like I can’t come up with any excuse to have a glass of wine, but sick toddlers really make me drink heavily. Chewy has been sick for 4 or 5 days now. Started in the middle of the night a few days ago. Out of the blue. He cried so I went […]

ColoradoMoms Favorite Things


I can’t believe a whole week has FLOWN by! It’s Friday again and time for my favorite things! This week allrecipes.com has been my new BFF. I wanted to start getting creative about dinners and make them more kid friendly. AllRecipes.com saved the day, er, dinner, many times this week! Another thing I love this […]

That little…

what me worry?

$#!t! Ooooh boy, he’s lucky his daddy had to work all night so I couldn’t be loud when I found this… This is only one of the 5 (FIVE!) cushions he colored on. Just last week he drew a nice picture on my off white dining room chair (yes, I’m a masochist for owning such […]

ColoradoMoms Favorite Things


It’s Friday, so it’s time to post my favorite things from this week! 1. SodaStream! Check out my review on our SodaStream. We are obsessed with it! 2. KnitPicks.com. I’m starting a knit-a-long of this great Sheldon pattern! I’m naming him HotRod just like our tortoise. I ordered some great colors for him and hoping […]

ColoradoMoms Favorite Things

Prada/Coach yumminess!

I was going to title this Oprah’s fave things, but thought the peeps at Harpo might get mad and claim copy-write infringement. Whatevs. So now it’s ColoradoMoms Favorite Things. Same as Oprah though. I’m going to give you an unsponsored, totally biased list of what I have been using/loving/crushing each week. I don’t want to […]

Halfway Through Summer

Well, we are more than halfway through summer vacation! I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m not drunk enough. The Back to School ads have already started and some schools have only just recently got out! We’ve been done for a while, since May 21st! BUT we start wicked early too, August 12th. Eeks! That’s only 4.5 […]