The Match Up from eSalon: Beautiful Hair is in the Mail!

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One of the best things about being a stay at home mom when my kids were in grade school, was that I had a few hours each week to run errands kid-free. I could conquer Costco when it was least crowded, go to the mall and actually try on clothes without an audience, and best […]

Tasty Tuesday: Sun Basket Delivers Delicious Convenience {Save $20!}


I learned to cook for my family when I was pretty young–maybe 10? It’s been a passion of mine ever since. And now, I’m passing my love of cooking onto my kids. They especially enjoy searching Pinterest for new recipes to try. I’m happy to hand over the reigns and let them take charge of […]

Inside Out: A Wonderful Family Movie, Made With Tweens In Mind


  Inside Out, the newest film from Pixar, opens today nationwide. We attended a preview, and I am so excited I can finally tell you all about it!  As the story begins, we meet Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler. Joy is an emotion belonging to newborn baby Riley. As Riley, voiced by Kaitlyn Dias, grows […]

eSalon Individualized Hair Color: Will it Live Up to the Hype?

It came! My personalized color and everything I need for the perfect application.

I’m one of those au naturel girls when it comes to beauty. I’ve never mastered winged eyeliner or false lashes, I rarely paint my nails, wear minimal jewelry, and prefer my air-dried natural waves to a blowout. So when I discovered gray hairs peeking out around my hairline at not-even-30, I thought, “No sweat! I’ll be the […]

KURIOS Gives Denver a Dose of Surreality

Have you ever wanted to escape reality? I know I have! The kids, the messes, the bills, the stress, and the all the noise! So when the Colorado Moms were invited to spend an evening at Cirque Du Soleil’s latest traveling production, KURIOS, of course we said hell yes!  “Step into the curio cabinet of an […]

Punch Bowl Social–Eat, Play, SING, and Be Merry!

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I’m always on the lookout for activities that my teenage kids can enjoy with their friends–I mean, a person can only hang out at the mall so much before it gets boring. (especially when you’re not old enough to have a paycheck!). So when I was invited to spend a few hours at Punch Bowl […]

Take the Night Off At Session Kitchen’s Monday Funday Family Feast!


For Tasty Tuesday this week, I’m stepping out of my kitchen and into Chef Scott Parker’s kitchen. Every busy parent knows the weeknight song-and-dance, right? You’re tired, they’re starving. Your fridge is about as empty as your wallet, and so you cave and order take-out. Or maybe you schlep everyone to the nearest fast-casual joint or […]

Road Tripping With Cooper Tires

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Every spring and summer break since I can remember, my parents would load us kids up for a road trip. Spring meant Easter with my mom’s aunt in Nebraska…I’ll never forget the smell of fresh fried chicken greeting us, or the coziness of my great-aunt’s handmade quilts atop her big brass bed. Summer meant my grandparents’ […]

Bonefish Grill’s New COLOSSAL Menu


Every year before Christmas, my hubby and I take a night out to reconnect before the chaos, and we use it as a “meeting” to lay out our holiday budget, what are we getting for whom, where are we going on which day…basically all the little details that get lost in the shuffle! It’s a […]

Review: “Alexander” and the adorable, funny, feel-good, family film!


Think about the worst day you’ve ever had. Everything goes wrong…your alarm doesn’t go off, you’re rushed getting out the door, there’s a huge traffic jam, and worst of all YOU’RE OUT OF COFFEE! Now imagine that everyone in your family is having an equally awful day!  That’s exactly what happens to the Cooper family […]

Don’t fear the #selfie! Spa Week is coming!

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 Living in Colorado, we are short on two things: moisture, and oxygen. Especially when the weather gets colder, our high and dry climate can wreak havoc on skin. Combine that with stress, not eating right, travelling,…and lately my skin has just been looking blah.  I really needed a pick me up, so when I was […]

Tasty Tuesday: Bacon Avocado Ranch Potato Salad featuring Noosa Yoghurt


Y’all know how much I love yoghurt–I use it in so many things from baked goods to salad dressings, and I often replace other dairy ingredients such as butter, sour cream, milk, or cream cheese with it. My tummy seems to handle yoghurt (full of good-for-you probiotics that help digestion) much better than other dairy, […]

Adventure Awaits at Heritage Square


  Ever since I was a little kid, our family has loved to visit Heritage Square in Golden. The rides, the kitschy shops, ice cream at Nott’s Landing, and of course the Alpine Slide added up to tons of fun.  Regrettably, I haven’t taken my own kids there, save for one time when I was […]

LeapFrog’s Leap and the Lost Dinosaur Tag Book {Review}

LeapFrog Leap and the Lost Dinosaur

Once again LeapFrog comes to my rescue. Carter is obsessed with dinosaurs and had been asking about getting some new books on the subject. We received LeapFrog’s Leap and the Lost Dinosaur book in the mail the very next day. It’s like they are reading my mind! Leap and the Lost Dinosaur is a book that […]

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: There’s a Party in My City! Ticket Giveaway

For those of you that don’t know about Yo Gabba Gabba! it is time you found out! Yo Gabba Gabba! infuses retro-style and beat-driven music to teach simple life lessons through music. The series stars DJ Lance Rock (Lance Robertson) and a cast of colorful characters, including: Brobee, the little green one, Foofa, the pink […]

ColoradoMoms Favorite Things


I can’t believe a whole week has FLOWN by! It’s Friday again and time for my favorite things! This week has been my new BFF. I wanted to start getting creative about dinners and make them more kid friendly. saved the day, er, dinner, many times this week! Another thing I love this […]

SodaStream – My New Best Friend in the Kitchen


The people at SodaStream very generously sent me their product for review. In the package was the SodaStream in Jet and 9 soda flavors and some water flavors as well! My kids love soda, I know, bad mom, but it’s not like they drink a 50g sugar and caffeine filled soda every day. Now I […]