5 Remarkable Women with Autism


Autism may now affect 1 in 68*, but that number is drastically lower when comparing autistic boys and girls. Often studies and articles cite a ratio of 4:1, meaning for every 4 autistic boys, there is 1 autistic girl. The characteristics can differ greatly as well. The Simon Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) recently published an […]

Autism and Wandering – Six Tips to Help Prevent the Unthinkable

Autism and Wandering - Six Tips to Help Prevent the Unthinkable

Having a child wander off is scary for any parent or caregiver, adding in the complexities of a child with autism makes it even harder. Will the child be able to communicate to someone to let them know they are lost, or where their home is? Will they be startled by a new sound or […]

Kid Friendly Gluten-Free Ham and Apple Sandwich #DeliFreshBOLD

Gluten-Free Ham and Apple Sandwich.jpg

My youngest loves lunch meat but since he’s gluten-free, he usually ends up just eating the meat. I’ve tried to get him to eat sandwiches, but failed every time. Until now.  Oscar Mayer sent us a great sandwich kit and some of their new Deli Fresh BOLD flavor varieties. I was inspired and ready to take on […]

Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Cornmeal Bundt Cake

lemon cake

Easter is just a few days away, and I’ve been charged with bringing the dessert for our family’s celebration. Nothing says “Spring” to me, more than the bright, tart flavor of lemon. This cake is one of my family’s favorites: I get requests for it year round but especially in Spring and Summer. It’s very […]

Disney Social Media Moms 2014 #FashionFriday

Disney Social Media Moms 2014

I’ve been blessed in years past, to be able to attend the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration. The past 4 years it has been at Walt Disney World and gave my family experiences we will never forget! Learning from some of the best social media innovators, getting behind the scenes access and insight into Disney […]

Local Business Spotlight: Everyday Yogis with Jammie Speyer


Yoga is one of my very favorite activities. It has so many benefits to the mind and body, and it is a great compliment to any fitness routine. But you don’t have to be a gym rat to enjoy it, in fact you don’t even have to be in great shape! Jammie Speyer of Everyday […]

Autism Awareness #FashionFriday

Autism Awareness Fashion Friday

There are many ways you can support Autism Awareness, even beyond the month of April. I’ve put together a few outfits to show different ways you can support Autism and still look fashionable doing so! All items are from CafePress where they love to shine a light on Autism. (This post contains affiliate links. All proceeds […]

Top 5 Minecraft Books for Kids

Top 5 Minecraft Books for Kids

Minecraft is beyond an obsession in most houses. It’s become a lifestyle! We have a post showing our own Minecraft Birthday Party and one with tons of great links to free Minecraft printables. Now I’m here to share with you 5 books that my boys love, all pertaining to Minecraft.    Minecraft For Dummies As […]

Tasty Tuesday: Baked White Fish with Smoky Bacon-Tomato Relish

fish (1 of 1)

Even though I don’t keep to the Lenten tradition of eating fish on Fridays anymore, I definitely enjoy the sales on seafood this time of year! I’m stocking up on individually frozen and wrapped fillets because it’s so easy to pull out exactly what I need from the freezer, thaw it quickly in a bowl […]

How I got my Autistic Son to Brush His Teeth

How I got my Autistic Son to Brush His Teeth

This paid post is brought to you by the new free Oral-B Disney Timer App as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. I don’t know about your kids, but having 3 boys here means when it’s time to brush teeth before school and before bed, lots of protesting and whining ensues. Having a […]

Unlock Secret Exclusive Items in Disney Infinity with Your Walt Disney World MagicBands!

Walt Disney World MagicBands

Do your kids love Disney Infinity? Mine do and they play it often. We have so many characters and the boys have created some amazing worlds and games. (For a full review check out TimetoPlayMag.com’s feature on this great video game.) So now you’ve got the game. If you’ve visited Walt Disney World and received […]

10 Hilarious (but Harmless) April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Your Kids!

april fools

I am a total jokester at heart, and our whole family loves pranking each other. Of course we always do it out of love and make sure that no one gets hurt or offended, but we do have a lot of fun at one another’s expense!  Here are a few fun and harmless pranks to […]

#ImBornTo Be a Disney Fanatic – Great Easter Ideas!

ebay #imbornto disney collection

As many of you know, I’m a Disney fan. Fanatic. Nut. Obsessed. You get the idea. When I found out that eBay was raising money for the March of Dimes just for people creating collections on their site, curating their favorite things and great finds, I knew a Disney collection would be perfect! Especially since, […]

Tasty Tuesday: Cookie Dough Hummus Dip (Copycat Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter!)

cookiedip (1 of 1)

We were pretty excited to learn that Trader Joes was coming to Denver. I’d been to their stores in Chicago and Los Angeles, and they do have some great products and prices. One of the big draws is something called Cookie Butter, which I’ve never actually tried but it sounds intriguing, if horribly unhealthy.  Unfortunately […]