Gnocchi with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Dinner time, the most hated time of day for me. I never seem to know what to make. I need something that will appeal to five different people. The Picky Eater (my 7 yr old), The Pseudo-Vegetarian (my 12 yr old), The Allergic-to-Everything (my 3 yr old) and then my husband and I. I’ve tried the meal prep places like Dream Dinners and they were great for a while, but the hubby thought they were too bland and I couldn’t find time to go down to the store for 3 hours to prep. I also tried recipe apps for my phone and that was okay, but not enough variety. What was I to do?

Nowadays I surf Pinterest for great food ideas and also Over time I’ve found blogs that have great ideas and suggestions and I often poll our forums “What’s for Dinner?” Click through to find 5 tips/tricks I’ve found to help alleviate the stress of meal planning.