Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures Perfect for the Holidays


I have 3 boys so it’s no surprise we have a ton of video games. We have Nintendo DS’s (plural), Wii’s (plural), iPods, PS3, iPad, you get the jist… So whenever I have the chance to review something even minutely connected to the gaming world, the boys freak the freak out. This time, I wasn’t […]

Hartz Holiday Look Book


We’ve got the kids pretty well covered so far, but how about the furry kids? You can’t forget them on the holidays! Hartz has them covered.  They have toys for every pet personality! Since the turtle wasn’t much interested in the dog toys, Emily called for reinforcements. I rounded up the Knitschmidt family dog, Lucky, […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout Giveaway

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout Review

How I wonder what I’d ever do without this toy! Chewy is not one to have a favorite toy, blankie, etc. He likes trucks, cars, trains, things with wheels that either talk or make noise. He usually takes the 800 stuffed animals I collect for him and uses them to throw over our balcony. But […]

Steve Spangler Big Bag of Science!

Steve Spangler Science Slime

Day 1 of our 12 days of Reviews features Steve Spangler Science! My boys love science! They especially love hands on experiments. We watch Steve Spangler on our local news channel often and the boys always want to recreate the fun experiments he highlights. I was recently given the opportunity to review the Big Bag […]

Chuggington Training Yard with Loop [GIVEAWAY]

Chuggington Train Yard with Loop

If you haven’t seen Chuggington, you need to! Especially if you have train obsessed kids like mine! We recently received a Chuggington Training Yard with Loop to review from the Learning Curve Company. My kids are not normal. They find ways to play with toys that are either not appropriate or not what the toy […]

Fisher Price BIGFOOT Attacks Spike the Dinosaur (GIVEAWAY)

Imaginext BIGFOOT vs. Spike

News at 11… In the @Colorado_Mom household, there was a violent attack of epic proportions. BIGFOOT snuck up on Spike the Dinosaur and a fight broke out! Wanna know who won? Well, it was a draw. Bigfoot has some stinky attacks, but Spike came back with his monstrous roar and tried to frighten BIGFOOT away. […]