National Autism Resources Holiday Gift Guide #AutismResources #GiftIdeas

autism gift guide

I’m always looking for new products for Brady and ideas to give family members for holidays and birthdays. So many products that are geared towards typical kids are great for autistic kids as well. I’ve written multiple gift guides showcasing various products, toys and even apps over the years. This year, the National Autism Resource […]

Gift Guide for Tween Boys for Birthdays and Holidays

Gift Guide for Tween Boys

This post has been written by my nine year-old. Well, narrated to me and I cleaned up his grammar… slightly. His birthday is tomorrow and he will finally be in the double digits! He gave me a list a mile long of various video games and toys he wanted and I assume most boys his […]

eBay Collections for a Cause Can Win You $5k! #imbornto

ebay collection autism

When eBay asked if I’d help promote their collections for a cause, I jumped at the chance. When Brady was diagnosed with Autism, speech apraxia, dyspraxia, hypotonia and more, I struggled with the cost of therapy tools. $200 for a special swing. $80 for certain speech tools, $500 for a trampoline. I thought there had […]

This Holiday’s Most Wanted Toys & A New App That Makes Shopping Easier!


Last week I attended the Holiday Showcase in New York City. As always the event was the highlight of my travel all year! What could be better, good friends, great companies and TOYS! With three boys in the house, I made a bee line for LeapFrog, LEGO and Jazwares. I’ll explain why in a […]

Getting the Toys Under Control with EasyClosets (Part One)

EasyClosets Toy Remodel

Toys, toys, everywhere. That’s the theme of our finished basement. We have a nice media area (with toys on the floor) and then a pool table (with toys underneath) even a shuffleboard table! But you guessed it, there are toys surrounding that as well. We have this little nook, alcove, what-have-you, by the stairs and […]

Plan Toys Marble Run Review

Marble Run Plan Toys

As you probably already can tell by the blog, we are huge fans of toys in this house. My boys are awesome toy testers. They set things up, crash them down, test durability and longevity, they are my minions cute little testers and they are great at their job.  We recently received  the Marble Run […] Makes Shopping Fun! Makes Shopping Fun!

I recently stumbled upon After exploring around I learned you could make collections of your favorite baby/kid gear and share those collections with friends! You just search through the amazing products they list and “bump it”. It then saves it in a collection, kinda like pinterest but for kid stuff and shopping! Genius.  Here is […]

Larsen Toy Lab’s ‘Building Bridges’, A New Twist on Classic Wooden Blocks

Larsen Toy Lab Building Bridges Wooden Blocks

We get a ton of toys to review, play with, upload and download. Toys with buttons, gadgets, wifi and 3G. Toys that play music and flash lights and spin around on the floor. My boys are, what I would consider, professional toy testers. Given all the toys they have seen, I was impressed beyond belief […]

How to Find & Buy the Perfect Gifts for Kids Online (with a giveaway yo!)

Time to Play Price Comparison Tool Doc McStuffins

This, and every holiday season, parents are looking to find that perfect gift for their child, Aunts & Uncles want to spoil their nephews and nieces, friends want to be the one who gave your child the gift they just can’t put down. In other words, everyone wants to see a child’s face light up […]

The 2012 ColoradoMoms Holiday Toy Guide

2012 Holiday Toy Guide by

Hot off the presses! We have scoured toy stores, researched websites, stalked the UPS man, stayed up past bedtime, all to bring you this years list of the MUST HAVE toys of the season. From infant to teenagers, boys and girls alike will love our list and beg for these toys.   Click here to […]

Zing Brings Archery Skills to Play

Zing ZX Cross Bow

Archery is hot right now. With Katniss in The Hunger Games, Hawkeye in The Avengers and now Mirabel in Disney/Pixar’s Brave… Kids are clamoring to be just like the characters they see on the big screen. Zing was way ahead of the game.

Last year my boys begged for the Zing Crossbow. This summer, they have an entire line of bows available. We received the ZX Crossbow and the Zip Bak Bow. My boys were really excited to rip open that package.

Thomas, ready to attack his brother.
One thing we learned the hard way? Don’t point the bow at the roof and expect the darts to come back to you. Thankfully it’s always windy where we live and within a day those darts finally fell onto the deck. Crisis averted.

Carter, hiding from the impending attack.

What I really liked about the toys was how sturdy they are. They get used and abused daily in our house and the look and perform like new. I also love the price points. At $5 – $20, these are priced right for a family looking for some summer fun.

I have to admit, the boys aren’t the only ones who love these bows. I constantly sneak up on the husband and try to scare him by zipping one past his head (don’t try this at home kids!). He usually retaliates or mutters a few choice words under his breath. 😉 What’s the point of reviewing toys if I just let the kids have all the fun!

Click through to learn more about this fun line of toys!

BlankZ ~ Toys You Can Color! #Giveaway


If you have ever been to my house, you know there is marker, sharpie, crayon, ink pen and even glitter on my walls. I have no idea why little ones think it’s necessary to draw a mural on a nice clean wall, but for some reason all three of my boys have. I stopped painting over them long ago. I just couldn’t keep up! Thank goodness the makers of BlankZ contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their toys. Yes!!! Finally something my kids can color on besides my walls. 😉

Click through for the Giveaway and win your very own BlankZ!