DIY Wine Cork Monogram Tutorial with Snoqualmie Wines

Wine corks

When a winery says, “Can we send you wine?” You don’t turn that down. Snoqualmie Vinyard did just that a while back and challenged me to make a fun craft with up-cycled wine corks. Oh have I got wine corks! Corks for days!   If you read the blog occasionally or follow me on Instagram or […]

Wine Fruit Snacks – The Recipe You Have to See to Believe!

Wine Fruit Snacks

I was surfing facebook today, as per usual, not really paying attention. Then, out of no where, my friend Anne from Midlife Boulevard posted a link to something glorious. Something amazing. Something that could not be taken lightly. A recipe for… wait for it…  Wine. Fruit. Snacks.  No really. Wine Gummies. Boozy Gummies. These ain’t […]

DIY Polka Dot Wine Glasses (Tutorial)

wineglass (3 of 3)

While browsing one of my favorite websites-Anthropologie-I came across these darling polka dotted glasses. I LOVE all things polka dot, and anytime I can incorporate them into my decor, I do. But nearly $60 for four glasses? I don’t think so. I have kids. And marble floors. That’s a really bad combo that means certain […]

Unique Gift Ideas for Men, Teens, Wine Lovers and more!

Gift Ideas for Men

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.  Christmas is almost here! If you are like me, you have some shopping done, but are struggling with what to get those hard to shop for people on your lists. My husband is probably one of the hardest people to give a gift […]

A Wine for Every Occasion


Choosing the perfect bottle of wine can be hard, especially if you aren’t much of a connoisseur. I’m no expert myself, but I know a good bottle of wine when I drink one. Here are eight wines I love and what occasions they might be great for.

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Impotent Monkeys in Colorado

impotent monkey

Wait, what?! Yeah, you read that right. So totally not related to anything, but I was at a great event last night with the Mile High Mamas crew. When the girls get together, who knows what we will start talking about. Impotent Monkeys apparently.

Started out innocently enough. The birthday gal Rajean was talking to me about wine. I love me some wine. I was telling her about how my new love is for “unoaked chards” and how I didn’t even know what that meant, but they taste devine! Then it reminded me of a wine that I love that’s local to Colorado.

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Sunday Sangria

sunday sangria recipe coloradomoms

I love wine. That’s no shock to anyone here right?! Well a good friend of my Husband & I makes THE best sangria ever. Hands down. He’s given me his recipe but no matter what I do, it just doesn’t taste the same. So, I’ve decided to just come up with my own. I was […]

Wine and Cheese

wine and cheese

Have you heard of them? They had a place in Estes Park and just moved it down to The Orchards in Thornton/Westminster (I-25 & 144th). This place is high class in a super fun and casual setting. I went to the pre-opening with a friend of mine who is good friends with the owner. They […]