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Tasty Tuesday: A New Spin on S’mores!


I’m sure you’ve detected the smell of woodsmoke outside in the evenings lately, coming from a nearby fire pit! The backyard fire places have really grown in popularity, and with good reason. There’s something about a warm fire on a cool evening that just beckons everyone to cozy up and enjoy good conversation, ghost stories, and of course, S’MORES! No need to save these sweet treats for camping trips-if you’ve got a grill, a fire pit, a fire bowl, or a chiminea you’re good to go! 

The basic s’more: just a couple of graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, and a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Pretty delicious as is, but it’s always fun to try something new, right? 

Here’s a few of our family’s favorite ways to s’more:

  • PBJ S’Mores-spread one graham cracker with peanut butter, and one with jelly. Sandwich together with a roasted marshmallow.
  • S’moreos-twist open an Oreo cookie, top one half with a roasted marshmallow and top marshmallow with the other Oreo half. 
  • Caramel Apple S’mores-place a soft caramel on one graham cracker, top with a thin slice of tart apple. Add roasted marshmallow and top with another graham. 
  • Add fresh fruit to the basic s’more. Try sliced strawberries or bananas!
  • Experiment with different candy bars in place of the plain chocolate. We like Reeses’s cups, Ghirardelli squares, white chocolate, York peppermint patties, dark chocolate, anything that will fit on a graham cracker! 
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate S’mores-Use cinnamon graham crackers instead of plain, and a chocolate marshmallow
  • Black Forest S’mores-Use chocolate graham crackers, spread one half with cherry jam and place a dark chocolate square on the other half. Sandwich together with roasted marshmallow. 
  • German Chocolate S’mores-Use chocolate graham crackers and a coconut marshmallow, or a fun-sized Mounds bar in place of the chocolate. 

No fire pit? No worries! Light up the grill and toast marshmallows over hot coals/burners. Just make sure to use common sense and never leave kids unattended near an open fire or a hot grill. Always have an adult help little kids hold their skewers/sticks a safe distance from the flame.